Office of the Archdruid of New York

Its difficult. There is always so much to do! But we do great work and its very rewarding to help resolve all those conflicts. I just wish we had a few more people to work here.
— An employee.
The office of the archdruid is a small government agency directly under the governor's authority. The office's primary mandate is to assist the archdruid in their work. This includes tasks like answering emails, process requests, compile reports, create press releases, coordinate with other agencies, research inquiries of the archdruid and organize the archdruids schedule.   The office has seven employees with very different backgrounds. Each of them takes on various roles within the office to ensure everything runs smoothly. Its size does not properly reflect its importance and each member is overworked and puts in many hours to fully cover the workload.


All employees of the office directly report to the archdruid. The office serves to legitimize the authority of the archdruid in matters of human-supernatural relations. It creates a direct connection between the archdruid and the governor of New York.  
  • Jennifer Adams. 45. Manager. Manages the team and ensure that everyone can do their work. Very hands on.
  • Karen Alvarez. 52. Administrative Assistant. Does all the things that are not done otherwise and keeps everything together. Really the heart of the team.
  • Carolyn Watson. 34. Public Relations. Is responsible to make sure the offices message to the public and other institutions is consistent and on point.
  • Amber Young. 29. Personal Assistant. Helps the archdruid in any way that is necessary to ensure that they can focus on the important parts.
  • Juan Reyes. 27. Researcher. An information specialist who knows how to find and organize information related to the tasks at hand. Compiles a lot of reports.
  • Kayla Evans. 25. Researcher. Former journalist who goes out into the world to answer questions which Google can't answer.
  • Jacqueline Morgan. 22. Intern. She has a lot of smart ideas but has a hard time finding her place in the team.
  • Relations

    The office of the archdruid has been very effective. It has helped us many times secure important negotiations with supernatural communities. I am very glad that I created this office.
    — Governor Samantha Johnson
    Despite its youth this office already has quite the reputation. Most other organizations that came into contact with the office have great respect for the work of the archdruid.   Its reputation is highest with the Adirondack Park Alliance. The archdruid has helped many times to negotiate treaties and contracts between the New York Government and the Alliance.   Criticism of the office focuses on the archdruids lack of independence and that they have betrayed the supernatural world by siding with the government. This message is spread mostly by groups on both sides who do not wish that these two worlds coexist peacefully.
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    New York Senate


    The office has an observer status within the alliance.


    The departement has clashed with the office of the archdruid on a number of environmental issues as the archdruid often advocates for much more radical and drastic measures.


    As an office of the state government the archdruid enjoys many freedoms. However, the lack of resources and some controversial descisions has diminished the opinions over time.

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