West Canada Nation

A nation of Dacian werewolves living in the West Canada Wilderness Area. They control the West Canada Special Territory. They are a major member of the Adirondack Park Alliance.   The nation is made up of seven clans. Each clan lives in a separate hamlet within their territory. Leadership is in the hands of the head warrior with the elders advising them. The head warrior is elected by the assembly. All werewolves of the nation are part of the assembly. Human members do not have any political rights. They depend on their werewolf spouse to defend their interests.


We have travelled a long way to be free of tyrany. We should all together decide the fate of our nation and not place our trust in just one person.
— Domnall Quinn
  The nation is governed by democratic principles. They escaped british rule to be free. All Dacians are equal within the nation.

The Assembly

Every Dacian of the seven clans has a seat on the assembly. The assembly decides on the laws and regulations of the nation. The assembly meets once a month on a saturday. The assembly is hosted by a different clan each month. The assemblies agenda is set by the clan leader of the hosting clan. Other clans can send requests for agenda items to the hosting clan. These requests can be turned down in theory but that really never happens.   The first speaker during the assembly is the head warrior. A mostly ceremonial position which is filled by each clan in turn. During times of war the head warrior becomes the general of the nations forces. The head warrior can represent the nation in an official capacity but often the assembly will appoint a temporary representative depending on the occasion.

Elders Council

The council is an advisory body with now actual powers. Each clan is represented by two elders on the council. These elders advise the assembly during times of peace and the head warrior during war. The clans usually do not send their most respected elders to the council.

The Tribunal

A body to meditate conflicts and problems between the clans. The members of the tribunal are appointed by lot. The members change each year and each clan has one representative. The appointment of the members happens on the first assembly in the year in january. The highest punishment for a crime is exile from the territory. This has happened only a few times since the founding of the nation 200 years ago. The tribunal always attempts to mediate a peaceful solution with no punishments.


Each of the families live of the land they live on for the most part. They purchase some additional food and special treats in Speculator. The clan members hunt, fish and collect herbs & fruits in the forest. Each household has a little vegetable garden for their own needs.

Religion & Spirituality

The domain of the Martin clan. They are the most devote family and usually hold most of the spiritual positions within the nation.

Catholic Church

The catholic church is a central fixture in the nation. Every member is babtised and each sunday they attend mass. The village contains a small chapel. Not all members fit into it so most ceremonies are held outside. The dead are buried on the cementary with catholic traditions. All the catholic ceremonies and traditions are lead and organized by members of the Martin's.

Moon Worship

The goddess of the moon is important as it is her that helps the young wolves awaken their true nature. Each clan assembles on the zenith of every full moon to thank the moon goddess for her protection. One special ceremony is held on the first full moon after a clan member turns sixteen. This ceremony is lead by the moon priest or priestess. During this ceremony the clan requests the moon goddess to give the young wolf her blessing. This blessing triggers the awakening process and increases the chances of survival during the first transformation. This transformation takes place on the next full moon after the blessing was received.

Spirit of the Wolf

Like most dacians they respect the spirit of the wolf. It is this spirit that gives them their strength and agility. Each time the assembly convenes they thank the spirit for their patronage. Parents of young awakening wolves often pray for mercy for their child.
Supernatural Nation
Government Form
Direct Democracy
Dominant Ancestry
Irish, Canadians, Dacians
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