Dryad Wilderness Federation of the Adirondack Mountains

Wilderness Federation

Thank you all for putting your trust and faith in me. I will do my best to lead this federation into a prosperous and save future for all dryads in these mountains.
— Hierarch Aderines
  The Wilderness Federation unites all the dryad organizations of the Adirondack Mountains under a common banner. Through it the dryads hope to gain the strength to negotiate for their interests within the Adirondack Park Alliance and with the New York Government. The federation is the largest such organization in the state and one of the biggest in North America.


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The members of the dryad wilderness federation are forests from around the Adirondack Mountains. A forest of dryads consists of two or more dryad groves. Two forests can have many similarities and differences between them in their culture, social hierarchy, demographics and more.  
  • High Peaks Wilderness
  • Sentinel Range Wilderness
  • Tamarac Forest

Diplomatic Relations

The federation has been vocal about the rights of other nature spirits like the Jogah. This has made the federation an important partner for many of their communities. They often come with problems to the federation or its members for help.   The Adirondack Park Alliance is an important forum for the federation to interact with the other supernatural communities and the human governments. As they are one of the largest member organizations in terms of population they have a lot of political pull within it.
Alternative Names
Wilderness Federation
Hierarch's Court
The Grove of Laws
The Grove of Justice
Parent Organization
Related Traditions

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