Adirondack Mountains Ironman Run

A race hosted by the Adirondack Park Alliance. It was founded in the early days of the alliance. At the start all runners were part of a faction within the alliance. Overtime the event became quite infamous across the world. Now a majority of participants are from all over the world. Participants are expected to hunt and scavenge during the run for food and drink water from the ponds and rivers.

Original Purpose

The run started out as a friendly competition to improve relations between the various thieran clans of the region. It was a way for young thierans to show their physical capabilities without having to fight against others. After the race was introduced, inter-clan violence declined rapidly.


The race starts and ends in Saranac Lake (471m). The total length is almost 190km and includes more than 10km of elevation. Often, the route leads through swamps and difficult terrain. Many of the mountains the route crosses are already covered by snow by the time the race takes place.  
  • Lakes
    • McKenzie Pond
    • Lake Placid
    • East Lake
    • Lower Cascade Lake
    • Avalanche Lake
    • Moose Pond
    • Round Pond
    • Rock Pond
  • Peaks
    • Whiteface Mountain (1'483m)
    • Lower Wolfjaw Mountain (1'272m)
    • Upper Wolfjaw Mountain (1'281m)
    • Armstrong Mountain (1'352m)
    • Sawteeth Mountain (1'265m)
    • Giant Mountain (1'410m)
    • Dix Mountain (1'480m)
    • Nippletop (1'405m)
    • Mount Colvin (1'240m)
    • Mount Haystack (1'510m)
    • Mount Marcy (1'629m)
    • Algonquin Peak (1'559m)
    • Iroquois Peak (1'476m)
    • Mount Marshall (1'332m)
    • Panther Peak (1'354m)
    • Santanoni Peak (1'404m)

Human Participants

In 2020, the organization committee of the run allowed humans to participate for the first time. This decision was rather controversial as most Therians did not believe that humans would actually be capable of finishing the run in under 24h. In order to accommodate humans the committee organized several pit-stops on the round where all runners could stop for sustenance.   They were almost proven correct as only a single human of 75 participants actually finished. It was decided that this runner would receive first place in their own category.
190 km
Highest Elevation
Running & Swimming
Participants 2020
Start & End
Saranac Lake
Record Time
Related Event
Adirondack Summit Festival

Cover image: Mountain Landscape by TJ Trewin


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28 Dec, 2020 19:55

You go, single human that finished the race! I love that the introduction of the race led to a decline in violence.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
29 Dec, 2020 09:02

Yes! The violent and aggressive nature of the Therians is something I really want to channel into productive venues. This exacting run just gave me that. Some of the prompts really have done wonders for ideas.

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