Second Adirondack War

Content Warning   Mentions of war, violence and massacres.
  A war fought between most factions present in the Adirondack Mountains. Each faction had their own grievances and objectives within the conflict. The war started on the 10th of August 2016 with the declaration of war by the Five Ponds Nation against the West Canada Nation for assassinating their leader. Both sides called on their allies to support them which quickly expanded the conflict to most of the Adirondack Mountains. The war was fought by battle groups mostly made up of therians with one or two magic users. These groups were quick to navigate needed few supplies and were able to fight for extended periods of time.   The war came to a close with a ceasefire called by Archdruid Jemma Galloway and accepted by both coalitions. This ceasefire came after the revelation that most of the war crimes committed during the conflict were committed by the hunters of the guild and not from one of the two sides. At the end of the negotiations a peace treaty was signed which established the Adirondack Park Alliance.


Tensions in the Adirondack Mountains between the many communities were rising for some time. Many grievances remained after the last war had ended twenty years ago and new grievances were created in altercations, arguments and small skirmishes between the members of the Northern Coalition and the Southern Coalition.   The event which lead to the outbreak of war was the death of Kyle Meyers. He was the highly respected leader of the Five Ponds Nation. The declaration of war called it an assassination but an independent investigation after the conflict discovered that he was killed during his morning run by a group of West Canada Nation youth who were unaware of who he was. His death was a surprise to all involved.

Crucial Events

Date Event
05.08.2008 Kyle Meyers is killed by West Canada Nation Youth. His death is discovered a few hours later and announced to the people of Five Ponds Nation.
06.08.2008 Five Ponds Nation leadership declares martial law and calls for a general mobilization.
09.08.2008 Kyle Meyers is buried in his family mausoleum. More than ten thousand individuals attend the funeral.
10.08.2008 Five Ponds Nation calls for the surrender of the assassins who killed Kyle Meyers. West Canada Nation refuses to do so as they did not commit the attack. Five Ponds Nation reveals that one of assassins was in their custody and demanded for the rest of the group. After another refusal from the West Canada Nation the Five Ponds Nation declares war.
11.08.2008 Both nations call in their coalition members and fully mobilize all available battle groups. The first big engagement takes place in the early afternoon in the Moose River Plains. Both sides sustain heavy casualties and retreat. Archdruid Jemma Galloway calls for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations backed by the Dryad Wilderness Federation of the Adirondack Mountains, but falls on death ears.
12.08.2008 Smaller skirmishes and engagements take place in many different locations between the two sides. Active hostilities almost end by the end of the day.
13.08.2008 Photos and videos of the Massacre at Douarnenez make rounds on both sides. Absolute shock at the horrific sight of dead children, woman and men. All five hundred and eighty two members of the Douarnenez village were killed during the night by an unknown attacker. They were under the protection of the West Canada Nation which immediately started several attacks which caught the northern coalition off guard. By the end of the day northern coalition forces had to retreat on almost all fronts.
14.08.2008 Intensive engagements take place in several frontlines. Casualties amongst combatants and civilians rises rapidly. Thousands flee to the eastern territories where not much fighting is taking place. The archdruid investigates the massacre in Douarnenez personally. She finds no evidence that this war crime was committed by the northern coalition and calls the leaders of both sides to agree to a ceasefire to properly investigate the massacre. She also warns that this might be a third party that might strike again. This warning was important as she was right. In the later evening videos and photos emerged of another massacre. This time against a coven of witches part of the northern coalition. They were able to put up more of a fight and the body of a hunter is found and many children survived the massacre hidden away in a secret passage.
15.08.2008 Over night the archdruid and leaders of all Adirondack factions called on the Hunter's Guild to seize all hostilities and hand over the culprits of the massacres. The guild dispatched a investigation team in the very early morning but that was too late. By the time they arrived most hunters stationed in the Adirondacks had either fled, were detained or killed by either mobs of enraged supernaturals. In order to avoid further deaths Clarissa herself joined the investigation for those that caused these massacres. Internal information indicated that not all hunters in the region were involved with these massacres. Within hours Clarissa managed to track down the fifty hunters who were responsible and put them under arrest. Late in the evening a ceasefire was called halting all hostilities in the Adirondacks.
16.08.2008 A first meeting between the leaders of both coalitions, the Wilderness Federation, the Archdruid Jemma Galloway and Clarissa took place to determine the further steps and begin negotiations for a peace treaty. This officially ended the Second Adirondack War after only six days.


The conflict has no clear winner. No side was able to achieve any of their objectives. All sides had many casualties and several villages were plundered. The faction least affected by the conflict was the Wilderness Federation. They offered refuge for those that had lost their home in the conflict.


This conflict renewed the mistrust and hatred of the supernaturals in the Adirondack Mountains and in Northeastern America against the Hunter's Guild. Almost all hunter's stationed in the mountains were either killed or imprisoned. The rest were called back to headquarters and all stations of the guild were abolished. To this day relations between the guild and the alliance are still heavily strained despite all the concessions the guild has made.   In order to prevent such a conflict in the future from happening again the Adirondack Park Alliance was founded under the guidance of Archdruid Jemma Galloway and the Wilderness Federation. The federations neutrality in the conflict put them into a strong position to negotiate with the other factions.
Primary Cassus Belli
Assassination of Kyle Meyers
10th of August 2008
16th of August 2008
Important Locations
Moose River Plains, Douarnenez

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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