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Hunter's Guild

The guild is one of the oldest organizations in the world. It was created to give humanity a fighting chance against the creatures lurking in the dark. The guild has grown since then by absorbing other factions and organizations with a similar purpose. Today the guild has a presence in every corner of the world.


The guild usually represents a united front towards the public, but there are many factions within the guild. Each of these factions has its own agenda. Some of them operate openly while others keep affiliations with them secret. Most of these factions were formed out of a grievance or are the remnant of an absorbed organization.
    • Vampire Hunters. The remnants of an absorbed organization that focused on hunting vampires. This function has gained in strength since vampires are no longer generally hunted.
    • Dragon Hunters. One of the older factions was originally focused on hunting dragons. As the dragons are extinct the group has lost its primary objective, but the group is still an active network within the guild.
    • Purists. The purists are a very secretive faction within the guild. They believe that all supernatural creatures should be hunted to extinction to protect humanity.
    • Witch Hunters. A faction which is very active dark witches and sorcerers. Although they specialize in hunting these spell casters they focus on dangerous individuals.
    • The Shadow. A rumoured faction with an unknown goal.
    • Honour Guard. Originally the personal guard of the Huntress the faction is focused on defending the honour of the hunt. They specialize in hunting hunters who abuse their powers.
    • Legionairs. A small group of hunters who are loyal to the Legion of Glory. This can lead to some conflict in some cases, but most are members openly.

Purpose & Agenda

The protection of humanity from supernatural threats. Hunters are trained to kill or detain any supernatural beings that have killed or plan on killing humans.
Current Guildmaster
Pierre Stanton
Date of Founding
ca. 2500 BCE
Protection of humanity from supernatural and mystical threats.
Related Professions
Base Ranks
Initiate Hunter
Titles & Positions
Senior Hunter
Region (Headquarters) - Director
Arctic (Oslo) - Odin Hansen
Northern America (Seattle) - Jayde Lyons
Central America (Kingston) - Cornell DeCastillo
Latin America (Santiago) - Alexa Ordóñez
Western Europe (Paris) - Isaac Azaïs
Eastern Europe (Kyiv) - Petro Antonenko
Northern Africa (Kairo) - Masud Maalouf
Central Africa (Mombasa) - Sharon Maina
Southern Africa (Capetown) - Amahle Goba
India (Nagpur) - Mahadaji Goyal
Southeast Asia (Bankok) - Vũ Quôc Phong
Central Asia (Bukhoro) - Turo Rasadli
Middle East (Baghdad) - Latif Hatami
Northern Asia (Yakutsk) - Alya Grigorevna
China (Beijing) - Shen Jiang
Eastern Asia (Seoul) - Sa Jin-Hwan
Australia (Canberra) - Amelia Ronin
Antarctica (Ushuaia) - Lia Rios
Pacific (Suva) - Jamir Halili
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

Organization Structure

The guild is just everywhere. And there are so many divisions. And secrets. It's really hard to explain how it all works. But really, what we do is to protect humanity from the monsters.
— A hunter

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