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Legion of Glory

The largest and most powerful paramilitary organisation in the world. The legion is involved in most theatres of war around the world in some way or another. However, their primary focus is the wars fought to defend the Earth from extra-dimensional invaders. In many cases, they have brought these fights to the other worlds.   Today the majority of the soldiers of the legion are deployed beyond the Hell Gate in Queens.  

The Council of War

We are the Council of War. We fight for glory and riches. The thrill of battle enriches our lives. And our enemies quenches our thirst for blood.
— High General Masih
The council leads the legion of glory. The members of the council are all demi-deities descended from deities of war. They each have the title & rank of high general. They rarely work together outside of extreme circumstances. Each council member has their own dedicated unit directly under them. The council decides how resources and manpower are assigned to the various twelve divisions.  


  • Oseye Masih, daughter of Bast (Egyptian goddess). Northern Africa & Middle East.
  • Meherka Assi Elias, son of Apedemak (Nubian lion-headed warrior god). Western & Central Africa.
  • Dumo, son of Kokou (orisha). Southern Africa.
  • Filip Nedergaard, son of Nergal (Babylonian god of war, fire, the underworld, and pestilence. Iran, Pakistan, India & Central Asia.
  • Gunvaldis Viļums, son of Kara Māte (Latvian goddess of war). Poland, Ukraine, Belarussia, Baltics, Caucasus & Western Russia.
  • Adolar, son of Andraste (Gaulish warrior goddess). Western Europe, Northern Atlantic, Greenland & Arctic.
  • Ryuk Hae-Young, daughter of Choe Yeong (General of Goryeo period, god of shamans, protector of humanity). Eastern Asia, Siberia & Northern Pacific.
  • Analyn Abad, daughter of Apúng Sinukuan (Kapampangan sun god of war and death). Southeast Asia, Philipines, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea.
  • Kocsis Martin, son of Hadúr (Hungarian god of war and metalsmith). Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Balkans & Turkey.
  • Palani Kiana, son of Kū (god of war and birds). Pacific, New Zealand, Australia & Antarctica.
  • Zuma, daughter of Huitzilopochtli (god of will, patron of war, fire, and sun; lord of the south). South & Central America.
  • Maja Sendova, daughter of Winalagalis (Kwakwaka'wakw god of war). North America.


The twelve divisions of the legion each are a fully capable military force. Each division is headed by one of the twelve generals. They have a number of support staff and several generals directly under them who run the day to day operations.   Each division consists of 5 - 12 brigades and the brigades consist of five or six companies.  


Give ten years of your live for a great adventure. And a fat check when you return, or your family if you do not! At least there will be more action than in your tiny cells.
— Recruiter
  The legion recruits soldiers from many sources. Anyone can sign up to the legion and will receive basic training and will then be deployed somewhere.   Recruiters target both humans and supernaturals. They approach people who have nothing left to lose, such as prisoners, people with bounties, refugees and people living in misery. This works fairly well, although most sign up with the promise that their pay will be given to their loved ones.   Casualty rates are very high and the legion only returns few veterans to their old lives.  


  The Legion entirely depends on their logistics branches within each division to supply their soldiers with all they need. The legion is financed from a wide range of investments and from selling loot harvested from the dimensions they fight in.   This war has created an entire shadow economy in the arms industry which is now slowly being integrated with the more open, often state-owned industries around the world.  


  Since the fall of the Veil, the legion has increased its efforts to modernize its divisions with modern technology. Now that they can openly approach human arms dealers and manufacturers it is much easier to acquire these weapons.   The Legion has also started a program to buy up atomic, chemical and biological weapons still in circulation around the world. These weapons can be used in the extra-dimensional battlefields where the rules of war of the United Nations do not apply.  

United Nations Security Council

  Relations with the united nations security council have been tense since the Veil has fallen. The superpowers of the world realized that there was a military force much more powerful than even the American military. The only reason no conflict has broken out is that the vast majority of the legions personnel is deployed extra-dimensionally. In a first attempt to create some trust between the security council members and the legion, the legion has been invited to provide logistical support in several peacekeeping missions around the world.   In addition, the military forces and security apparatus of each of those countries continually report that the Legions keep buying old and modern weapons to use in their wars beyond the gates. Making the world a saver place.
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Complex of Glory, Queens
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Second Eastern Artillery Company
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A hail of arrows and death.

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