Hunter's Guild HQ

The administrative headquarters of the Hunter's Guild. The office handles the assignments, payements, hireing, finances, infrastructure development (safe houses, training grounds, prisons etc.) and any other clerical duties a global organization like the hunter's guild faces.  


The tower has a total of 55 floors. All floors have a purpose assigned to them. They are connected by stairs and by four elevators. Access to most floors is restricted in some way or another. Unaffiliated persons may only enter the lobby on the ground floor.   At the top of the tower is a penthouse. The penthouse is the personal property of the huntress. She occupies both the roof and the top floor. Only herself and her guests have access to this floor.   On the floors 52, 53 and 54 are appartements and rooms reserved for the top level officers of the guild. They often live there with their families or by themselves. As these are their personal quarters access is heavily restricted. The floor has a few spare rooms and appartements for important guests.   On floor 51 are the conference rooms and offices of the higest officers of the guild. Including the office of the guildmaster. These offices are rarely visited by rank and file hunters.   The rest of the floors are various offices for the various administrative branches of the guild. The vast majority of the people working here are not hunters but ordinary humans.   The ground floor is the lobby. There is a reception desk which welcome visitors, some security a bounty board and a small re-supply shop. Next to the shop there are three terminals which give hunters access to the knowledge data base of the guild.    

The Underground

Below the tower there are more a total of 25 floors. These floors were dug into the aquifiers under difficult circumstances. There are many secrets hidden in these floors. Most hunters are only aware of three underground floors which are all for parking.   At the bottom of the underground is one of the hunter's guild most valuable collections of ancient and powerful artefacts.
Upper East Side
1082 5th Avenue
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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