Moscow Brotherhood Mansion

A large mansion serving as the headquarters for vampires of the Московское братство in Manhattan. The mansion has only been constructed recently and is target of much gossip within the neighbourhood. Many are unhappy as the mansion replaced two public parks which were sold to a foreign investor by city officials.


The property is surrounded by a five meter tall reinforced concrete wall with one meter of electric fence on top of it. This gives both privacy and some security from incursions. The only gate in the wall is at the front with a smaller door to the right of it. The gate is covered by multiple CCTV cameras and can only be opened from the inside.   On the land between the wall and the mansion is mostly flat grassland. There is a asphalt road connecting the gate with the mansion. The road ends in a circle to make it easy to turn around and leave again after dropping off a passenger. To the right of the circle leads a road down into the ground to an underground garage. The grassland has three lines of movement sensors that surround the entire property. The sensors are slightly camouflaged, but not too difficult to miss.   The walls of the mansion and the entrance of the undergound garage all are covered by CCTV cameras which are monitored from the security room. About halfway between the wall and the mansion is a gravel path that is patrolled by one or two guards at all times.   Behind the mansion there is a small pond next to this path with a small path leading around it. The pond is properly maintained and is a habitat for various native fish, frogs and insects. The pond is lined with some reed grass and various bushes. Right next to the pond is an inviting hex bell roof pavilion with a table and some chairs under it.

Underground Garage

The cars used by the vampires living in the mansion and staff vehicles are parked down here. Most of the time, only around ten vehicles are present, but the garage offers fifty parking spots in total. Vampires who arrive duing the day usually enter the mansion through the garage to avoid risking sun light exposure.   The garage is a simple circular design with the fifty spots arranged to the sides and in the middle. A light indicates where there are still empty spots. At the back of the garage is a door and access to a lift. The door connects to the basement of the mansion while the lift can be used to get into the mansions west wing.

The Mansion

A large, white palace like building with a dark shingled roof. The main building is flanked by two wings that provide a lot of space for people to live and enjoy their stay. The west wing is where the vampires and their closest confidants reside and sleep. The east wing has living quarters and work areas for the servants and employees of the mansion.

Corps de Logis

The main building features a large entrance hall with two wide staircases to either side and a large ball room on the second floor. The entrance hall is very impressive and awe inspiring. At the center of the hall is a small reception area that is staffed at all times. Any guests to the mansion can sign in and are then lead to their rooms. The reception staff answers questions and helps organize the schedules and excursions of guests.   On the midway point of the staircases are two platforms from which a hallway leads down each of the wings. The entrance to the west wing is always open as it is used by the guests. The hallway to the east wing is usually closed. Everything is covered in palatial decorations with gold and other precious metals and gems. Most of the interior is made from marmor or expensive wood.   The ball room on the second floor is the most impressive room in the mansion. It covers almost the entire floor and is more than two floors tall. Its ceiling is covered in masterfully crafted mosaic artwork. At the center of the room is a large area usualy reserved for dancing. Food can be picked up from the tables around the walls in the east and west of the room. Staff ensures that everything is always fresh and filled up. Of course the buffet is dominated by various forms of blood drinks to make it as interesting as possible. Ordinary food is usually served as well for the human guests of the balls and banquettes.   To the south, at the back of the mansion, is a large space for an orchestra to sit down and play music. For most festivities only smaller ensembles play there, but for the special occasions the vampires higher full orchestras.

West Wing

The west wing is filled with small and mid-sized luxury apartements. Some are reserved for specific members, but most are just used by whoever is in New York City. The first and second floor have eight apartements each. The third floor has only four with additional rooms. Each apartement features a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and dining area. The are all in the same style which is very 18th century France.  

East Wing

The east wing has three floors with a staircase on both ends of the wing. On the third floor are living quarters for servants of the vampires. Each of them has their own room which they can furbish how they wish.   The kitchen is in the second floor next to the ball and banquete hall in the central building. This ensures that food can be easily transported there. The kitchen is only properly staffed when there are many human guests or a big feast takes place. Otherwise a skeleton crew ensures that all the employees and servants are fed as required. The kitchen is adjacent to a large cooling room where blood bags are stored. These are served to the vampires when they do not have a human to feed on directly.   The security guard quarters are on the lowest floor of the east wing at the far end of the wing. It includes a surveillance room, a break room, a gym, a locker room with showers and a room with bunk beds to sleep when necessary. At any one time there is a minimal crew of eight security guards on duty.


The basement is larger than the foot print of the mansion on top of it. It is accessible from each wing and from the underground garage. All of the rooms down here are secured with electronic locks that can only be opened with the correct key cards.   Below the west wing there are many smaller rooms. These rooms are used by the guests for various activities that are better kept private.   The vault room is at the end of a long corridor below the east wing. Its primary purpose is to store the valuables of the guests and important items of the vampires hosting the mansion. It is always guarded by two human guards. The vault door is massive steel. Its locking mechanism is mechanical further protected by magic. It is very hard to break in with common means.
East Village
534 East 12th Street
Closest Bus Stop
E 10 St/Av B
Total Area
3'000 m²
Building Area
1'400 m²
Parent Location

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


Author's Notes

Source: Corps de logis

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