Tony's Pizza

Kina's & Wichap's space of peace and harmony

A small pizzeria in midtown Manhattan. To any human tourist and local it seems like an ordinary family business that sells mediocre pizza and decent wine. The real place is hidden behind a powerful spell. This spell creates a space beyond the real space. Any supernatural guests automatically enter this pocket dimension.   The place is very famous and most supernatural Manhattanites know about it. Unlike a regular restaurant, guests do not order. They simply get seated and the food is served after 20 - 40 minutes. No matter the guest the kitchen always knows what to serve and the bill is always affordable.   The pizzeria is a neutral space of peace and harmony. The owners ensure that no violence can take place. This means that you can find hunters, vampires, therians and dryads sitting at tables next to each other. Many of the most powerful supernatural New Yorkers come here to meet and exchange news and the latest gossip.  

Dining Room

The main room of the pizzeria is where the guests can eat. The room has always a few more tables than there are guests to be seated. Each guest sees the same sized room, but this is just an optical illusion. The real room is usually much bigger to accommodate all the guests.   The room is design in a Mediterranean style with some Hawaiian and Lakotan elements mixed in. Most find it a bit weird but in a charming way. Any guests always feel right at home.   In one corner there is always a small bar. The bar serves various alcoholic beverages from around the world and the bartenders are great listeners.  
How we met? That's actually a funny story. You know Tony's, right? We were both going there to eat by ourselves. And suddenly we were sitting at the same table. At first, it was a bit awkward but we soon found things to talk about. It was just three months ago!
— Happy bride at her wedding
Many believe that the room has a mind of its own, as guests often run into someone unexpected. These chance encounters can lead to wonderful opportunities if the ones involved are bold enough to grab it.


The backrooms are a bit more exclusive than the main dining room. There is always a room available when needed and there are several different types of rooms.  

Private Dining Rooms

These rooms serve for an exclusive clientele that wishes to dine in a more intimate setting. Be it for romantic, social or business reasons. Guests enjoy absolute privacy and nobody can listen in on any conversations taking place.   Regular guests include Cassidy, Pierre Stanton, Etzli and other powerful and famous people.  

Game Rooms

In the game rooms, one can find various forms of entertainment. There is something for everyone. As with everything you cannot choose the game you are going to play.   One game is particularly famous but it is rare to get invited to it. The game is a supernatural version of the Game of Life. Playing this game might change ones life.
Restaurant / Bar
60 W 53rd Street
Kina Pahia, Wichapi
Parent Location
Related Tradition (Primary)
Why Tony's Pizza?
The name of the pizzeria certainly fits a place that sells pizza. But the current owners both are neither Italian nor called Tony.   This mystery has attracted a lot of interest and his hotly debated amongst regulars. There is a jar on the bar where you can buy yourself into the game. Whoever can find out the mystery behind the name will receive the pot and a lifetime worth of free pizza.   There are hints hidden within the rooms of the restaurant and rumours has it that Kina and Wichapi will answer the right questions. So far only three people have found the secret and were able to clear the pot.
Perception of Time
The flow of time in Tony's Pizza is very fluid and can adjust to the needs of its guests. A meeting that should be over as fast as possible will end sooner rather than later. Friends who want to catch up but only have time for a quick lunch will find themselves with being able to finish all their discussions.

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Dec 31, 2020 15:47

I like how the building seems to offer whatever people need (space, the perfect meal, new opportunities). Sounds like a great space to meet new people and visit with old friends!

Dec 31, 2020 16:08

Thanks for the comment! This place is really supposed to a place where everyone can find a respite form the world :)

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Jan 1, 2021 23:05 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This sounds like such a lovely place to visit. I'm curious as to what kind of pizza I'd be served with. :D I love that time flows differently so that it caters to people's needs.

Jan 2, 2021 12:43

Thank you Emy! I might explore the food served more when I get around to writing the cook / kitchen stuff of the place... I have some ideas for that :)

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