Astor Haunted House

An old building in Harlem which is haunted by powerful, unknown entities. Over the years many have tried to cleans the place. All of them failed. Each time a developer attempted to simply tear it down and build a new building a tragic accident happened.   The origin of the haunting has never been determined. The last family to live there defaulted and was evicted during the Great Depression. Since then no realtor has been able to sell the house. The current owner is a bank which basically ignores the property.


Photograph of a brick house behind a tree.
Screenshot by SoulLInk
The house is a Harlem gilded age red brick building. It was constructed by the Astor family. It is a single-family house and three stories tall. It has a wooden front porch and a front garden. A fence is separating it from the street. There is a lot of dust and several broken windows. The house is still fully furnished from the family that lived here last.   On the first floor, there is a kitchen, a small bathroom, a living room and the entrance hall. Going up the stairs there are the master bedroom, a closet, a large bathroom and an office. On the third floor, there are five rooms, three of which were used as bedrooms for children and one room as a storeroom. The last room is a small bathroom.

Tourism & Documentary

The building has become known quite well in the neighbourhood. A food stand in front of the house sells food and stories to hungry tourists who want to see the haunted house for themselves. However, there is usually nothing to see as nothing happens as long as you do not actually enter the property.   A local teenager made a documentary with his friends. They spent the night within the property using protective charms. The house did not try to kill the youths but they were able to catch some ghostly apparitions and moving objects on tape. This documentary has made the house a viral internet sensation.
Brick House, Single Family
67 West 130th Street
Current Owner
Bank of Harlem
Harlem Gilded Age
Haunted Since
Parent Location

Cover image: Photo by Carlos Montelara


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Jan 5, 2021 14:34 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I wish I could see the documentary. Haunted houses are always fascinating. I like the enterprising food salesman too. XD