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Answers to this prompt

Fortune ship

by MGatta

Glendale Asylum

by melior64

The Palace of Taxes

by Naelin

Temple of the Serpent

by David_Ulph

House of the Rising Sun

by Angantyr

Soul Storage Spire

by kitoypoy

Ancient Honeycombs

by RiverFang

Astor Haunted House

by SoulLink

Frozen Monoliths

by TheSolitaryGamer

Magicorps Academy

by Rashkavar

Rasvich Central Prison

by Eallixy

Altar of Raesletheoa

by amelianite

Sky Hold Prison

by Michael Chandra

Moon Tome

by hughpierre

Morkan's Gate

by N4th

The Pit

by Gargoyles

Cuartel de los Niqob

by Melu

Dab Tíknéfíg

by eccbooks

Demon Arch

by Anpumes

Vuurtoren van Akio

by Jacob-W

'Castle of Vampires'

by NorthWhiteWolf

Brechlen's Asylum

by Shell Mel

Caverns of sins

by Smontil391

Citadel Oron

by J B Dorman

Court of the High Star

by LauraVAB


by Racussa

Ghastly Tower

by jaredmcdaris

Hollow Library

by Lady Grayish

Hy-Altia Mother-Ship

by Pookas Kreations

Lich's Gully

by Corvo Branco

Light of Eviva

by vivimorena

Lud's Gate

by GhostofWestphalia


by Trentest0

Science Laboratory

by SilikG

Temple of Wonaurri

by Isaac Thompson


by DarthTipsi

The dark mines

by Laria

The Endmere Hall of Justice

by dinosaurbob

The Everstanding House of Jik'...

by Karlorado

The Frigid Spires of the False...

by SamaraLee

The Haunted house

by BasicDragon

The Shrieking Stones

by minisplat

The Terminus

by DM Windu

The Valley of Crosses

by Cyrin

Tower of the Sun

by Scalenex

Towers of Malunar

by PapaRocks

ul fiubor /ul fiˈubor/ or Dark...

by Lillithwolf

Wrayburn Observatory

by Tris

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