The Haunted house

That Mansion over there looks a little bit creepy, don't you agree?
This house sits on the outskirts of the city of Korda. It used to belong to a weird family of elves. Back when the house was built, around 500 years ago, the city of Korda was more like a village and the house was far away. In the last 200 years, Korda has grown so large that the house now looms just on the edge of the city border. The house is clearly visible from The Western Guard Tower.   Even though the house has been abandoned for over 300 years the Guards from the Guard tower have reported seeing lights in the windows of the house even though the windows are boarded up.  

The area

The ground is flat and the House is the only building in the area except for the guard tower. There are a couple of bushes and flowers outside of the House's fenced yard.  

The exterior

The House has a 150-centimeter high iron fence that has rusted and fallen down in a couple of areas. The guards have boarded them up but not done much more. The yard is overgrown but the bushes, long grass, and flowers are all brown and dead. A large laundry hanger in metal is standing in the backyard. It is rusted and looks creepy where it stands. It has looked like this since the house was abandoned. Some say that the yard has always looked this way. That the House was cursed way back because the homeowner stopped two sweethearts from having their love.   The wooden House is 30 x 60 meters and a large double door as an entrance at the middle of the long side facing the fence opening. There are 3 floors and it's always the second floor that the Guards say that the lights come from.  

The interior

Nobody knows how the interior looks anymore. Those who try to enter the building supposedly get cursed while those who manage to enter the building disappear never to be heard of again.   There have been people trying to burn down the building, but those tries have never succeeded either. A couple of people who tried caught on fire themselves.
House, Large
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