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Brechlen's Asylum

This building, while an important part of the community and helping it's citizens, it is often feared by the Vos and the Rjvun. Their belief is that this is a place of brainwashing and control rather then a place of help and recovery.    Normally, if the practice was not owned by a cult, their fears would be unfounded. However, for once the Vos and Rjvun were right in their belief that this place might not be a place of healing. Some people who go in, come out with a very different outlook on life and goals. Where as there are some that never come out at all and there was no record of them ever having been there.

Purpose / Function

To house and treat those with mental illness either caused by ordinary situations that lead to people needing help, or caused by magical situations where more extreme measures might need to be taken in order to help the patient or to prevent them from hurting other people including themselves.


  • Doctor Mabel Redwood as head of the institution 
  • Therapists and nurses
  • Wardens
  • Reception and admin staff 

Special Properties

Basement is warded so magic cannot be used, and staff have an item that allows them to use magic in this area.   On the second floor there is a greenhouse.


A secret basement with wards to prevent magical use was built into the building and is hidden from the public eye.


It's made of stone and wood, with the main areas and levels 2 and 3 are in the centre of the building, and gendered wards are on the first floor that are on either side of this main area.   The Basement is accessed through the supply closet.


The institution may have once been for the better of the public, but since falling into the Unchained's assets it has been a location used to make people disappear until they might become useful later.
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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