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Citadel of A'az

The center of the Condominium outpost of A'az, the citadel was one of the first buildings built in the settlement. Still the most impressive and imposing building in A'az, the citadel is designed as a hybrid of palace and fort, designed by Tamisi architect Samraa el-Naqvi and built of white sandstone mined in a quarry just northeast of the fort.   Overlooking the port, the citadel has a central domed building, with walls extending to the north and south from the central dome. The semicircle of the southern wall is crenellated and armed with cannon, overlooking the harbor to the west.

Purpose / Function

The citadel contains the offices of many important Condominium officials, apartments and living quarters, defensive battlements, religious spaces, and traditional open air pools and gardens in the northern side for the use of the aforementioned officials. The citadel serves the dual purpose of providing some of the comforts of a proper Runberi city and showcasing the wealth and might of the Condominium. The citadel is also used by the Condominium to accept dignitaries and business partners, and contains negotiating rooms as well. However, the Red Sails barracks are not contained in the citadel, but rather in the town proper.


Built to Runberi sensibilities, the central building is capped by the characteristic dome, and the internal structures of the citadel are characterized by large open spaces, supported by arches and columns. Though used primarily by halflings, the hallways and rooms of the citadel feel spacious for a member of the larger races as well. Characteristic of a Runberi palace, the north side has a garden pool enclosed by the walls of the citadel. With high windows to let in sunlight at all hours of the day, even the internal spaces of the citadel feel open. The central dome is flanked by two minarets that are usually empty, serving as watchtowers.
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