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South-Fahrig Trade Company

Formally a Runberi corporation, the South-Fahrig Trade Company started as a venture to acquire murex dye from Fahrig (Tescary). Although the dye was well known, the snail that produced it lived mainly on the archipelago and dye production was an art mastered only by the local Tescarana. The Condominium sought to establish permanent access to these dye producers so they could then sell it further afield. The potential profits for moving even small amounts of murex dye attracted many investors and even emirs, mainly from western Runber.   Initially concerned just with buying and moving murex dye, the Condominium soon began to expand its operations with the great support it had gotten from the monied classes in Runber. They began moving fish and sulfur mined in Tescary, and began hiring warriors to serve as physical security against Tescarana pirates that plagued not just their operations but also any trade ship that moved through or past the archipelago. Buying out local leaders for security initially, eventually the Condominium realized that they had the resources to supply the force needed themselves.   They founded a supply base in the southern archipelago called A'az, staffing it with condominium officials, shipwrights, and other staff they needed in their operations. They kept the outpost fed with Runberi grain and local fish as more and more resources were poured into the Tescaries. Then, they formalized their mercenary forces and security contractors under the umbrella of the Red Sails. Initially concerned with tracking down pirates, the Bloodsails soon turned to full-scale regime-change, overthrowing settlements where pirates originated, or even simply ones that could provide a good operating base for the Condominium. At the same time, Grand Tescarana chiefdoms were largely unable to meet the increasing sulfur demand of the Condominium's clients, prompting an invasion of the island in order to take direct control of the sulfur pits there.   Today, the Condominium is a major force on the Tescaries and has taken direct control of much of the sulfur and murex dye production on the islands. Increasingly they even send out fishing fleets on behalf of the condominium. In other cases, even when production is locally organized the Condominium has strong-armed far better deals for themselves than they could've previously negotiated when the Tescarana kings could still call themselves sovereign, and in some cases the sulfur pits are operated by outright slave labor (even though this is ostensibly illegal in Runber).   The Condominium has also come into direct conflict with the Kingdom of Kilth, which launched its own invasion of the main island of Grand Tescary, largely for fear of losing control of the entire sea lane across the southern Angrian coast.
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