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A'az is a Runberi outpost, founded on a previously uninhabited island approximately 50 years ago to provide a safe place to resupply for Condominium ships in the Tescaries. Mostly a military and warehousing outpost, A'az contains a shipyard mainly used by the Red Sails, the head offices of the South-Fahrig Trade Company, warehousing space, military training grounds, and some amenities for visiting officials and dignitaries.   For the Runberi, A'az is considered a relatively insignificant and boring place, far away from the centers of Runberi civilization. If someone is "from A'az", they are uncultured and uncivilized, a country bumpkin. "Going to A'az" can mean simply going to somewhere very far away and remote. Such sayings exemplify the Runberi attitude towards their colonial endeavor and its primary outpost. Most do not go there and do not care for it except for the products provided, but have heard the name. Some Condominium officials do make a permanent residence of the outpost, but it is considered to be a sleepy place.   The Tescarana have a different view. To the relatively decentralized and rural Tescarana, A'az is a town, and the Condominium fort is an impressive edifice. In addition, it serves as a symbol of their military might. Serving as the main base of the Red Sails, A'az is the home of an invading army. Rarely visisted by the natives of the isles, Tescarana chieftains occasionally have to go there to negotiate with Condominium officers. These meetings are rarely favorable to the tribes, bolstering A'az's dread reputation.


The population of A'az is largely transient, and a mixture of Runberi, Tescarana, and other foreigners that have joined the mercenary forces of the Condominium. The officials that live and work in the fort are almost all Runberi, but the dockworkers and warehouse workers are usually Tescarana. The mercenaries are a more mixed lot, and include more foreigners that are neither Runberi nor Tescarana. The population of the town is highly variable, but is typically above a thousand.


A'az is a company town, with almost everyone present employed by the Condominium in one way or another. Thus, management of the town falls under the Condominium corporate hierarchy. Due to the presence of Red Sails training facilities and garrisons, the Condominium has no need for a dedicated watch force. Indeed, the greatest security threat A'az generally faces is their own bored mercenaries. A'az does not levy taxes, but the Condominium monopolizes all trade in the port, forbidding any outsider from trading with anyone except the company itself. In this way, A'az purchases supplies from neighboring clans, and in many cases sells these supplies to its own employees.
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