Spur Ani

Of the many villages and towns in the eastern Archipelago, Spur Ani was among the greatest. The primary settlement of Clan Ani, the town became a major trading port owing to their rich stocks of Murex snail, and as Confederation Dinar began to flow into the clan's coffers, they sought out foreign artisans and laborers to build great works for the clan's betterment. They hired stonecarvers from Kilth and glassblowers from Runber, and the fort of Spur Ani became a great store of wealth in the archipelago.   As foreigners and even neighboring clans settled into the city, the power of the Ani chief, Tarquin, grew. The Runberi called him the "King of Snails", and the moniker of "king" began to suit him more and more. However, he was still a Tescarana chief and Nethvis, bound to their traditions and cognizant of the signs of the gods. When the Runberi began to fish his waters, he was at first reluctant to respond, knowing that even though it was an intrusion on their clan waters and the domain of Tinia, pushing against the Runberi could jeopardize the foundation of the clan's wealth.   However, the omens gave him no choice. He first protested to the Condominium against the fishing ships, and they did not stop their activities, he sent war boats to capture them. Then, in May on the 496th Year of the Prophet, the Condominium sent their ships to capture Spur Ani.   Proving his devotion to the Great Gods of the Tescarana, Tarquin of Ani invoked Tinia's Wrath, summoning the sea god's storm to dash the besieging fleet against the skerries of the archipelago. A few ships limped away from the calamity, but none reached the city, and even a few neighboring islands had to be abandoned by their inhabitants.   The storm has never abated, and nobody knows what became of Spur Ani, stuck in the eye of the 15-year storm. A few survivors claiming Clan Ani have emerged, but their accounts are as confused as anyone else's. Thus, Tarquin's vault remains unclaimed, and the Condominium fleet lies at the bottom of the ocean.  


Since the dispersal of Tinia's Wrath in the april of 512, displaced Tescarana have begun to migrate to the ruins if Spur Ani, forming a small village community.


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Dec 19, 2020 18:25 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo I wonder what the truth is of what became of the settlement. Maybe it's still there if it's in the eye of the storm.

Dec 19, 2020 19:07

I may have an answer that I won't post until my planned RPG campaign is finished in like a year. :P