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Tinia's Wrath

"Thunder sounded, and I swear to the goddess the first bolt of lightning struck asunder the commodore's ship. The waves rose up above the prow, and my captain gave the order to turn the sails and run. The storm crushed us against a nearby rock. I managed to escape with my life by raft. I don't know about the Fahriger gods, but something greater didn't want us there that night, and still doesn't."
— Zaid el-Mahmoud, As-Sairhinahan sailor and survivor of Tinia's Wrath.
  In the 496th Year of the Prophet, on the 17th of May the might of the The Red Sails commanded by Commodore Faadi el-Selim was arrayed against Spur Ani. A dozen sambuks sailed forth from the home cities of the Condominium, and the Commodore saw king Tarquin's warboats still at port. His enemy hopelessly outmatched, el-Selim called out to the town, and bid the king to surrender.   Instead, lightning struck from a clear sky as King Tarquin invoked Tinia's Wrath. The storm rose to meet the Red Sails fleet, and sent the Condominium's finest to the depths. The greatest works of the Runberi shipwrights proved helpless to resist, dashed into the nearby skerries or even into Spur Ani's harbor. However, neither King Tarquin nor his people were saved, as the storm soon deluged the streets. Few survived the calamity, and even some neighboring isles had to be abandoned as Tinia's Wrath raged on, the storm consuming Spur Ani and continuing to this day, more than 15 years later. A few foolhardy treasure seekers have since attempted to brave the Tinia's Wrath in a bid to capture the lost riches in Tarquin's vault or the many valuables the Red Sails crews were carrying. However, the storm has thus far defeated all comers.  

Omens and Consequences

Spur Ani was an unprecedented naval disaster for the Condominium, who lost a valuable war fleet that would not be easily replaced. Though far from dissuaded from continued exploitation of the isles, the Condominium has become more conservative with their resources and more wary of the Tescarana Nethvisi for fear that others might be capable of similar feats as King Tarquin.   The Tescarana regard the event as having less to do with King Tarquin's power and more to do with his failures as a chief, even though the storm offers partial redemption. They see the event as an act of god, as Tinia taking back his gift from a clan that was unwilling and unable to defend it. Thus, to the Tescarana it is a warning, and many of the clans have become more uncompromising about their territories so as not to fail their gods and their faith again.   The event has puzzled scholars, as even a group of magicians would struggle to invoke anything on the scale of Tinia's Wrath, let alone maintain it for over 15 years. Some theorize that an Elder Power may have been involved. Learned Tescarana contend that the storm was sent down by the sea god, and is maintained to this day by his will.  


In the 512th Year of the Prophet, rumors had begun to spread that the storm was waning, and it might be possible to sail into Spur Ani once more. A motley crew of eterti, clanless, and foreigners made their way into the storm, pursued by the notorious¬†Red Sails¬†commodore Sahl al-Pasha. Though harried by fae creatures and the storm itself, both these adventurers and the commodore's crew were able to reach Spur Ani. A battle ensued on the lost island, resulting in the capture of the commodore's ship and the death of most of his crew.   Exploring the island, the crew of adventurers discovered the spirit of the storm, an entity the fae of Tinia's Wrath referred to as "Khemial". As the adventurers arrived at Tarquin's palace, they discovered another explanation for Tinia's Wrath. Tarquin, in casting his ritual, had surrendered humanity's hold on the island and ceded power to the primeval spirits of nature, which promptly swept away all in their path. When Tinia's Wrath was breached 15 years later in april, these same spirits saw they had lost, and faded away. In the coming months, clanless Tescarana would arrive on the rediscovered Spur Ani, attempting to make a home in the ruins.
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