A Tescaraum term meaning "seer" or "one who reads omens", the nethvisi are the spiritual leaders of Tescarana society. All nethvisi are trained in reading signs and omens from the gods, and though all Tescarana are keen to such things, the nethvisi are particularly studied in such matters. The nethvisi are called upon to interpret the will of the gods, and to ascertain whether specific actions have the gods' blessing. Though not inherently a political role, a nethvis' pronouncements have a large impact on a clan's decisions. Having no rules or taboos about the participation of nethvisi in the highest levels of decisionmaking, the role of headman and chief nethvis are often combined in clans, particularly when the nethvis is so blessed as to have direct magical powers from the gods.   Though all nethvisi have a mystical ability to interpret the signs of the gods, a rare few are able to do this to a much greater extent. The greatest nethvisi, ones truly blessed by the gods have the power to heal the sick and to control the weather by praying to the gods.


To become a nethvis, one must be tutored by another nethvis in the proper reading of signs from the gods. The nethvis typically seek to train children who seem to have an innate understanding of omens, and Tescarana are encouraged to attempt to read divine will from various events.


A nethvis is expected to guide their clan in spiritual matters, lead religious festivals, identify the blessings of the gods, and perform ritual sacrifices for important endeavors. Often, clan nethvisi work in close coordination with the leading figures of the clan to make sure any decisions are approved by the gods.
Religious, Clerical
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Dec 17, 2020 22:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I like that in some clans the role of nethvis and head are combined, and in others they aren't. I bet those clans work a little differently to each other. :)