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Alsalibi was a ship of traditional Runberi design, fashioned from imported Angerland pine. Two-masted and lateen sailed, with a shallow draught and a single belowdeck level, Alsalibi was a fine ship, but not an unusual ship. Still agile and shallow-draughted enough to operate in almost the entire Eastern Archipelago of the Tescaries, Alsalibi was suited for many tasks. It had been used for moving dye, ferrying dignitaries, as an escort ship, and for pirate hunting.  


An older ship, Alsalibi was purchased by the Condominium from a struggling Qairrazi merchant in 496. Initially used for dye runs, the ship was equipped with cannons and given to the command of a Red Sails captain named Awaatif al-Reza. Under al-Reza's command, the ship was largely used as an escort and armed transport until al-Reza retired from active command in 509.   After al-Reza retired, the ship was assigned to the much younger Zuwaf el-Matar, and given a new assignment. The Red Sails believed they had narrowed down the location of Heras Tut in the Eastern Archipelago, and sent a warship to find and bombard it. Zuwaf was notably eager for this mission, as he was one of the younger officers in the Red Sails and without the same pedigree many of the ex-Emirati had. The crew of 22 embarked from A'az and set sail for the least explored parts of the archipelago.   They were never heard from again. The final resting place of Alsalibi is not known, and the Condominium believes the vessel was overwhelmed and captured by Eterti pirates. However, unusually no clan has come forward to claim the capture of Alsalibi as their doing, and the ship has not been seen under the command of a pirate crew either. The patrons of Heras Tut have their own theories what happened, from the vessel simply becoming shipwrecked due to an inexperienced captain, to being attacked and picked clean by harpies , or perhaps smashed by a roc . Nobody has come forward with his medallion, something that would be a glorious trophy for any Tescarana or pirate who could claim it. Two years have passed, and Alsalibi remains lost.
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28 Dec, 2020 16:30

Ooo, I wonder what happened to it. I always love a mystery. It sounds like the Alsalibi had a very interesting past, too. :)

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