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The blue-tailed eagle of Red Sails commodore Sahl al-Pasha . Given to him as a gift by a colleague in the Condominium, the eagle has since accompanied the commodore wherever he goes, and has become quite recognizable due to the commodore's activities in the Tescaries.   Almost larger than her master, the pair is easy to spot as Sahl will let the bird perch on his shoulders despite how awkward this is given the halfling is scarcely taller than the bird. More distressingly, it is claimed that Sahl has taught Shuruq to hunt for people, and assist the commodore's forces in searching for Tescarana that escape their campaigns against villages thought to be hostile to the Condominium

Physical Description

Body Features

A large female blue-tailed eagle, Shuruq shares the identifying characteristics of her species. Pitch black wings and face, with a light blue crest and tail, and a largely white colored body. However, Shuruq has an unusual wavy black pattern on her torso around her wings. Slightly bigger than the average bluetail, with a wingspan of around 2.2 meters, Shuruq is an impressive specimen of an already impressive species.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Shuruq has been with the commodore for most of her life, having been captured by a highland Tescarana hunter somewhere in the Grand Tescary ridge as a chick incapable of flight, and then sold along to merchants in Spur Alfne. There, she was bought by a mining officer of the Condominium and then gifted to commodore Sahl al-Pasha. Though initially shy and nervous, Sahl took to falconry with gusto and the bird quickly warmed up to the halfling. Sahl named the bird "Shuruq", and with some difficulty was able to train her to respond to his calls.   These days, the two are inseparable, and Sahl will not cage or tether the bird in any way, confident that Shuruq will return to him always.
Date of Death
2nd of April, 512
494 512 18 years old
Circumstances of Death
Slain in battle by the orc mercenary Bujir
Grand Tescary
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
white, black, and blue
Aligned Organization


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