Amélia's Supply Shop

The shop is sandwiched between two buildings and seems kind of out of place. The front is a big window and a wooden frame glass door. The window has the name of the shop written on it with larger, purple with gold borders letters. When entering the shop a bell announces the customer to the shop with a bright ring.   In the shop the air is heavy with various odours fighting for dominance. There are sections for herbs, minerals, jewels, animal and plant parts. A wide selection of goods that are hard to find anywhere else in the city. There are around ten shelves filled with goods. All of the goods are carefully arranged and meticulously labeled. This ensures no unintended reactions can occur and customers do not buy the wrong thing.   At the back of the shop is a full width counter to serve the customers. The ingredients are carefully any individually packaged to ensure save transport. There is an old school checkout register to handle cash payments. Card payments can be accepted with the card reader lying next to it.   Behind the counter are another two shelves filled with the rarest and most valuable ingredients in the front of the store. To the side there is a door that leads to the back rooms.

Back Rooms

In the back of the shop there is a small hallway which leads to three rooms. The first room to the left is a workshop with various workbenches and many tools. These tools can be used for various purposes. Many of the materials delivered are not sold directly, but first further processed to increase their utility and value.   The second room also to the left is the break room with a table, a few chairs, some kitchen appliances, a coffee machine and a tee pot. The owner and staff take breaks here to relax and eat and drink something. Negotiations with trusted customers for special orders usually take place in here as well, to ensure that the conversation is kept private.   The third and last room is behind a door at the end of the hallway. It is the main storage room for surplus stock and has a door leading into the back courtyard. In the floor of that storage room is a secret compartment where the rarest and some black market ingredients are stored to keep them save.

Security Systems

As the shop stores very valuable and dangerous goods there are several security systems installed to prevent anyone from stealing them. The shop has both technological and magical security measures. The doors are secured with an alarm system and all sections of the store are covered by CCTV. A Magic-Suppression Array ensures that no-one can use spells within the store. In addition, a powerful shielding spell that ensures nobody can spy in any way on the interior of the store with magic or even divination abilities.

Rare & Black Market Ingredients

Trusted clients can buy basically any ingredient that exist in the world. The shop does not have all of it stocked, but Sharon has connections to a wide range of suppliers and can organize anything. These special orders are of course very expensive and may have extra cost depending on how rare or controlled the ingredient is. There are a few things Sharon is not willing to order.
Alchemy Supply Shop
East Village
76 East 7th Street
Current Owner
Sharon Mora
Amélia Mora
First Opening
Parent Location

Sharon Mora

Sharon is an old lady who has been running the shop for over a decade. She took it over from her mother and intends to hand over the shop to her daughter. This sometimes leads to conflicts as the daughter has other plans for her future and does not want to be chained down to this old store.   She is dedicated to the shop and her customers. Her lifestyle is very frugal and humble, but the stores profits have given her quite a large financial cushion. Most of that money is put away for her daughters future and the rest is invested in various stable portfolios.

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