The Origin

A night club that is know to be a vampire den. It has a dance floor, a bar, a few half circle tables in the corners and a second floor with private rooms for VIPs. The club is open most nights, but really only frequented on the weekends.


From the font door leads a tight hallway to the coatroom and the entry ticket booth. After purchasing the ticket and handing in any extra jackets and coats the club goers are funneled to a small booth with some medical equiment. Here all guests have to choos one of the consent bracelets and get their blood preasure measured.   Only after this opens the club up directly to a big hall. At the center is a dance floor with plenty of space. Towards the right wall is a long bar to order drinks at. At the wall is a large display of mostly cheap, but fancy looking whisky, rum and other bottles.   The the left is a hanging staircase that leads up to a gallery overlooking the dance floor. Access to this section is restricted to vampires and the people they bring with them. At the back of the gallery are twelve private rooms with a table and comfortable round sofas around it.   On the back wall is a platform with the DJ equiment and the towering music boxes. All over the ceiling and the walls are various lights installed to create intricate light shows fitting to the music played.   Below the gallery is a door to a hallway that leads to several rooms. To the left are two restrooms and to the right are two doors with Private shields on them.

Back Rooms

One of the two private doors leads to a break room for the staff. When the door is opened you can only see the back of some furniture. When you walk around it you come into a chill room with sofas, a TV, a karaoke machine and coffee machine.   The second door leads into another corridor. This corridor has two offices, a locker room and a large storage room. This last room is filled with supplies that are brought in through the back door that leads into the courtyard behind the club.

Consent Bracelets

Any human who enters the club gets a bracelet that signifies if they consent to giving blood or not. There are three colours of bracelet each having a separate function. The bracelet have a panic butten, which when pressed, notifies the security team. Humans who wish to enter the club with a non-black bracelet have to undergo a quick health test the same as when they are donating blood.   The red bracelets indicates that the wearer is willing to let vampires feed on them directly. This bracelet is often worn by addicts and vampire groupies, but carries some risk. Any wearer has to check in with the security team every hour to check their pulse and blood pressure to ensure that they are not too low on blood. When their blood pressure is too low they are kicked out to avoid any accidents.   The blue bracelet indicates that the wearer is willing to give fresh blood for the vampire to drink without direct contact. This fully avoids the risk of becoming addicted to vampire venom. It of course has the downside that it does not give the rush that comes with it. Still many who visit this club do choose this option for fascination or to get closer to a vampire. Often groups of new comers just come to try it out and see it up close.   The black bracelet indicates that the wearer is unwilling to give blood. They are just there to enjoy some good music and dancing with friends. And maybe mingle with a vampire to see what this is all about.
Night Club
East Village
76 East 7th Street
Current Owner
First Opening
Parent Location

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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