Central Park

A Tourist Attraction


The park serves as a recreational area for Manhattanites, a space for events and film shoots, a tourist attraction and the home of the Manhattan Dryad Clan. It is the green heart of Manhattan.


The central park is a big tourist attraction. A piece of nature at the center of one of the most densly populated areas in the world. The park attracts up to forty million visitors a year. This enormous tourist presence has attracted a number of vampires, succuby and similar supernatural species to the park. The majority of them are chased away by the dryads, who want to ensure that the park remains attractive to visitors.


The park has its origin in the conflict between the Dryads and the European settlers. A conflict which the Dryads had been slowly losing over the course of more than a century. In the early 19th centuray the population in New York was growing rapidly. Concrete was covering more nature almost every day. In this time even the human population called for the preservation of some nature in the area. Most of the dryads had been killed by the hunters present here.   One of these dryads had the radical idea, that instead of trying to remove all human influence on the region, they should just fight for this large park the humans were demanding. At first, this idea fell on deaf ears but in 1825 the Hunter's Guild made a big push to wipe out the remaining dryads in the region. They almost succeded. Only a handful of dryads survived.   From this day the Manhattan Dryad Clan was formed and started to fight for this park. Over the two centuries since the park has been threatened by commercial and supernatural interests again and again. Each time the dryads managed to preserve this piece of nature in the middle of the Manhattan Concrete Desert.   Over time the hunter's stopped hunting the dryads as they were no longer attacking the humans, but actively working with them to maintain this magnificent park. In 1980 the dryads founded the Central Park Conservancy together with a few friendly humans.   When the Veil fell in 2016 the Government of the City of New York first learned, that the central park was home to the dryads. Many officials appointed in the Office of Central Park Administrator were dryads themselves. In response, the city established offical relations with the Manhattan Dryad Clan.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Supernatural Wildlife
The dryads protect and maintain the presence of several supernatural species in the park. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is home to the hydra Jacky. The wooded area known as the Ramble is home to a group of Treants. A species of living trees who are active during the night.   A small tribe of Gandayah live in the park. They help the dryads maintain and nuture the various plants.
Druids & Dryads
This park is often used in druidic and dryadic circles as an example on how urban spaces can co-exist with the natural world. Many argue against this, as the park is entirely maintained and not really natural in a true sense of the word. The Druid of New York is crucial in the negotiations between the dryad clan and the human government.


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Dec 6, 2020 22:39 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the history you have come up with for Central Park. I also love that a hydra lives in one of the lakes and the dryads keep it fed and happy. :)