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Central Park Hydra

The hydra of Central Park is a medium-sized, young, five-headed hydra. They have been living in the park for around 75 years. Where exactly they came from is unknown.   They have never killed a human during the time in the park. The dryads in the park made sure that it was always well-fed with fish and the occasional birds killed in the park. This ensured that the Hunter's Guild never killed the hydra.   Jacky is a peaceful and well-mannered creature. They show no aggressive behaviour towards humans and does not fear them. Which is good because since Jacky became famous the daily feedings have become quite the spectacle with several hundred visitors each day.


Jacky's fame comes primarily from a video which was posted on YouTube just hours after the veil fell. This was one of the first videos to surface on the internet featuring a supernatural creature in full view. It shows park employee's feeding the hydra with fish. After some journalists investigated the story it became known that these employees are actually Dryads.   The fame was further expanded when a documentary was shot which focuses on Jacky's history in the park and its caretakers. Many moviemakers have attempted to gain rights to incorporate the hydra in action movies but the Central Park Conservancy and the city have so far rejected any offers.   There are now many memes and conspiracy theories surrounding the hydra and their caretakers on the internet.
Skin Color
Green, Blue
Central Park Conservancy
75+ years

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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