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Having pilfered a lot of neat things from books and films, Ivory has decided she should muck about in her own world full of all the things she loves. Magic, shapeshifters, fast cars, oh my!  

Current Project: Chronicles of Aeridos
A collection of loosely connected short stories set in a contemporary fantasy world.  

Interests & Hobbies

Music, hiking, baking, reading, and my dog.

Favorite Movies

Conan the Barbarian, Pacific Rim, Jupiter Ascending, John Wick, and Night Watch.

Favorite TV Series

Farscape, Dark Angel, Justified, Lexx, and Game of Thrones (S1-4).

Favorite Writers

Anne Rice, Ursula K. Le Guin, Kati Wilde, Ruby Dixon, Grace Draven, Natalie Ironside, Robert E. Howard, David Weber, and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Favorite Games

Resident Evil, Hades, Gorogoa, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and Donut County.