Archdruid of New York

Advocate of the Natural World

The druid of New York is a position filled by a hereditary, ancestral druid. This position was created to mediate conflicts between the natural world and supernatural communities. The archdruid is expected to represent the interests of the natural world and its spirits. This includes plants, animals and many supernatural creatures.  
The archdruids wisdom and knowlegde has helped as so many times. Without her, the Dryads would have destroyed all our equipment and maybe even killed some of the loggers. Now we even know how to avoid tree's which are the homes of dryads!
— Owner of a logging company
  In addition to this original purpose, the druid now also mediates conflicts between humans and supernatural communities. This came to be because the archdruid has the respect and trust of most supernatural communities. And with the new Office of the Archdruid of New York also the authority of a human government institution. As such they are perfectly suited to help create dialogue and understanding, as both sides can respect the process.  

Supernatural Abilities

The holder of this position can commune with the previous holders of the title and the natural spirits of New York. This ability can be used to gain knowledge or ask for guidance. In case of enraged or sad natural spirits, the druid may inquire about their grievances and try and mediate a peaceful resolution of any conflict.   These powers are limited to the State of New York. If the druid leaves the boundaries of the state they lose their powers, until they return to the territory.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Ancestral Connection, Government of New York
Length of Term
Year of Creation
Current Holder
Jemma Galloway (since 2006)
Former Holders
Scott Phillips (1832 - 1878)
Davin Phillips (1879 - 1932)
Zander Phillips (1933 - 1981)
Siena Galloway (1982 - 2005)
Related Professions

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13 Dec, 2020 01:51

I like how you've limited the reach of the druids, that their connections to the spirits are bounded geographically. Is this a total loss of power or most of their abilities?

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Thank you for your comment. That actually depends on the Druid themself. If they have any innate powers they will keep them but not all Druids necessarily have them.

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This is such an interesting way to mediate disputes between the supernatural and the mundane. I really like the quote from the logging person at the beginning. :)

29 Dec, 2020 08:52

Thanks Emy! Yeah I am very fond of my druid idea. I have many more articles planned for this. Especially the current druid herself who is an important figure in terms of bringing people together after fall of the veil.

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