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Magic-Suppression Array

It's a game-changer! The number of deaths related to supernatural curses and diseases has dropped significantly. It's not a cure, but it gives us the time we need to figure out what is going on and find the right solution.
— A doctor at the Metropolitan
  A magic-suppression array is a magic-tech contraption. Its purpose is to suppress all supernatural effects within the arrays area of effect. The array relies on several beacons arranged at the border of the array. Electricity powers each beacon. In order to maintain the array the power needs are acute. Supplying mystical energies can lower the power needs of the beacons. The beacon contains a charm that projects the magic-suppression barrier. Once three beacons are deployed in proximity of each other, they generate a field that suppresses any ongoing supernatural effects within the array. Each additional beacon increases the total area the array can cover.   The beacons intricately combine technological and supernatural advancements and the result of many, many years of research. It was a team of researchers around Isiah Burton at Lytton Arms who developed this technology.


The array has a limit to its strength and some ancient, powerful supernatural effects can surpass the array and still be effective. The array still helps as it weakens the effects caused by the magic. Active spell casts directly within the confines of the array can sometimes still activate if the spell caster is powerful enough.   When first deployed there were some concerns that the array you be harmful to supernatural creatures and humans who enter the array. These concerns have been unfounded as the array does not strongly affect the innate supernatural nature of any advanced living organism. Instead supernatural beings weakened and might feel some discomfort. The scientific community does not fully understand the phenomena, but the prevailing theory is that supernatural creatures have some innate protection against the effect of the array.

Usage & Applications

Uses of the array are in the medical field and for security. It was first developed for military applications but dismissed for offensive or active deployment in military scenarios because of the fragile nature of the beacons and difficulties to deploy an array speedily.   Lytton Arms has installed arrays in many hospitals around the world. It is the most common use of the array today. It is useful to suppress a range of supernatural curses and diseases such as Vampirism in a live host, Therianthropy, Curse of Misfortune, Dragon Bone Affliction and many more.   Security firms are using the array to protect important assets, security devices and servers to protect them from magical attacks. The suppression array prevents any supernatural attacks from being able to affect anything within the array.   The array itself is however very weak to direct manipulation. Many supernatural barriers can disrupt the boundary of the barrier, which disables the entire array. The easiest way to disable the array is by cutting the supply of electricity or disabling the beacons directly. This makes it integral to position the beacons in secure locations and protect them with EM shielding and security personnel, to prevent manipulations.   The most useful application is to protect servers from supernatural manipulations of their data through cyber-witchcraft. This has led to an arms race between server farms re-enforcing their arrays and protecting more and more parts of the infrastructure and cyber-magic hacktivists and cyber-magic-criminals developing new ways to indirectly penetrating these defenses. Overall, the arrays have been a significant change and flipped the advantage in favour of the defenders as they often did not even have a way to detect cyber-magic attacks before.
Magi-Tech Invention
Isiah Burton
Date of Patent
Patent Holder
Lytton Arms

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