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Lytton Arms

A multi-national corporation own by Delma Alexandria Lytton. The company has been active for many decades and is by far the biggest supplier of magi-tech weapons in the world. Its products are renowned for their quality and effectiveness. Lytton Arms also prides itself with very good customer service and achieves high customer satisfaction.   The weapons produced by Lytton Arms can be found in most conflicts around the world and even in certain hell dimensions. The company has been growing in size since its founding.


Lytton Arms is a highly versatile weapons manufacturer with a very wide portfolio. They produce ammunition, small arms, heavy arms, tanks, weapons platforms, drones and more. They are top of the line, high-tech and quality weapons which can compete with human weapons manufacturers to some extend. What makes them different is that they either use some kind of magical power source, cause a special effect or are very effective against certain types of supernaturals.


The customers of Lytton Arms are all legitimate police forces, military forces or private security. Although the weapons, of course, end up in the hands of criminals they try and avoid to sell them directly.

Supernatural Buyers

Lytton Arms as a large customer base all around the globe. They sell both small weapons to individual buyers as well as tanks and other heavy equipment to various factions. The three biggest supernatural factions buying weapons are the Legion of Glory, the Hunter's Guild and the Catholic Inquisition. These three buyers create up to 60% of all profits for Lytton Arms.

New Markets

These weapons are impressive. They can be much deadlier than everything we have seen so far.
— General, US Military
Since the fall of the Veil, the revenue of Lytton Arms has been increasing rapidly. This is mostly thanks to the new customers which are the human militaries, law enforcement and intelligence agencies and security corporations. They now realize that many of their weapons are ineffective against supernatural attackers.   The biggest new customers are the US, Russian and Chinese governments. They eagerly buy even somewhat outdated weapons as longs as they are more effective than the weapons of their own industries.
Arms & Military Equipment
Chief Executive Officer
Noah Wilkinson
Chief Financial Officer
Liam Murphy
Chief Security Officer
Allan Parker
Lytton Arms Headquarters, Manhattan
Yearly Revenue
28 Billion Dollars

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