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Curse of Misfortune

A powerful curse caused by the Adze. This demonic firefly beetle lays its eggs into the blood vessels of humans. The curse is active while the eggs incubate and ends when they hatch. The hatched beetles then dig their way out of the host causing strong bleeds and a lot of pain.


It was horrific. Mr. Trent suddenly started to scream and trashing on the ground. Everyone was worried, but the real panick broke out when these things started to come out of him. There was blood everywhere and these creatures started to bite people. It was absolute chaos and everyone tried to run for their lives. I have never experienced anything as terrifing as that.
— a witness recounting her experience
The direct victim does not show any symptoms at first. As the eggs grow they can cause issues with the blood flow depending one where they are situated as they can become as large as the blood vessel itself. These eggs work like blood clots and can cause many different issues depending on where exactly they are stuck. In most cases the eggs move to the heart and are then stuck there.   The presence of the eggs does weaken the blood flow and the beetle eggs absorb certain blood cells. The host feels weakened and tired in the later stages of the incubation period. In a worst case scenario the eggs might cause an heart attack or brain aneurysm when stuck in specific places.


The curse of misfortune is active while the eggs are within the host. Its effect is not directly applied to the host, but instead to the people around them. The host acts as a catalyst for misfortune for their friends, family members and other people they come in contact with.   This misfortune manifests itself in many different ways. The curse cannot summon a misfortune out of nowhere but instead just makes it very likely that something bad that could happen will happen. For example when a sibling is driving recklessly they will most likely end up in an accident. A friend who got a fever might suddently experience a very strong reaction and develop very severe symptoms with lasting consequences. They are all things that are already happingen, but with a small change have terrible outcomes.


The best treatement is as always to prevent the beetles from planting their eggs in the first place. Though as these beetles are extinct in nature it is not something that is expected to happen. Once the eggs are within the blood vessels they can be extracted with magic or with surgery. These operations of course come with risks and can only be performed if the victim is aware what is going on.   The most effective way to prevent this curse from causing a lot of damage is to spend time within a Magic-Suppression Array. This array will suppress the curse fully or at least to a large extend. The downside of course is that the host will still have to suffer throught he birth of the bettles.
Adze (Demonic Firefly)
1 - 2 weeks
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


Author's Notes

Inspired by the Adze Firefly (Wikipedia)

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Dec 21, 2020 05:36 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

Ewwwww! Oh my gosh. The thought of these eggs hatching inside you and then having the beetles dig their way out. *shivers*

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Thanks! They turned out to be much more horrifying than I planned in the beginning...

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This sounds horrible. It's a really interesting angle that people will use them against others, rather than it just being a completely natural occurance.

Dec 29, 2020 08:59

I only realized this focus after reading your comment. This used to be a natural occurrence but I wrote the article with a certain bad family in mind. So they will be using these beetles extensively.

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