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Demonic firefly beetle

The adze is a demonic firefly beetle. The exact origin of the adze is unknown. The species was most likely introduced to the world by a negligent demonologist. The beetle subsequently terrorized the region in Western Africa for a few centuries. Then a researcher of the hunter's guild found an easy way to track them with the help of a charm and repell them from any houses. In a large campaign the guild and local authorities distributed these charms to all households in the region for a year. Unable to find any new hosts the beetles were wiped out within a single generation. As the guild later learned a warlock captured some of the beetles and brought them with him to Europe.  


The adze firefly reproduces by injecting eggs into the blood vessels of humans. There they remain for about two weeks. During this time the eggs cause the Curse of Misfortune in the host. The eggs feed off of the negative energies and the nutrients within the blood to mature. Once the beetles are fully grown within the eggs they emerge and force their way out of the persons arteries. This is rarly deadly as the holes left behind are very small but the pain is extreme.   All adze carry eggs with them which can be fertilized by any other beetle.  


A very devious, biological weapon in the hands of the wrong people. We need more resources to uncover these breeders. To rid the world of this hazard once an for all.
— Specialist Hunter Ebo Aidoo
There are a few Adze breeders in the world. It is possible to buy grown beetles on the black market with the right contacts. However, handling an Adze is very difficult and it often happens that the beetle bites the owner or an unintended target. It is very important to be prepared for this possibility with a purification ritual or spell to remove the eggs from the blood stream.   These domesticated beetles have been magically altered to only produce non-viable offspring. This ensures that any beetle sold will not spread this terrible creature back into the world. Only the breeder keeps a few viable beetles to create new offspring. These beetles are very valuable as there are only very few left. And the secret on how they were created is tightly guarded.   A new breed of this beetle even creates offspring that matures and then dies still in the egg. The egg is then absorbed by the host without making its presence ever known. This will still exact the terrible curse on the family and friends of the host. This reduces the chance of anyone ever suspecting foul play.
Origin Hell Dimension
Historic Range
Togo, Ghana (Western Africa)
Modern Range
Extinct (Hunter's Guild)
Adze in Captivity
ca. 2'000
8 months
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


Author's Notes

Inspired by the Adze Firefly (Wikipedia)

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Dec 30, 2020 15:13 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo, these became even more sinister now they are domesticated and altered so they create non-viable offspring. Devious.

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