Weaver Family


A small family of African-American witches based in Manhattan. They gain their power through the summoning of demons. Lesser demons serve them as familiars. With the help of these spells and time they have built a powerful corporate conglomerate.   The family has many philantropic traditions and is seen as a positive force in the world by most of the public. However, their dark secrets have created many enemies. Protected the family from these enemies pushes them ever deeper into the embrace of their demonic patrons.  

The Family

The family is lead by the matriarch. She leads with absolute authority over all other members and their assets. All the secrets are kept within the family as much as possible. Only a handful of trusted employees are aware of the darkness.


The power of the family is always inherited by the first born daugther. She becomes the heiress of the family on the day of her engagement. The heiress becomes the new matriarch once her mother dies.   This dynamic creates a lot of tension between the women of the family. It has happened many times that a daugther has killed her mother or a younger sister her older sister. This competition is even encouraged to ensure that the most powerful witch is in charge of the families fate.
Husbands. The husbands of the heiress is always selected by the matriarch. Important is that he comes from a wealthy family.
Brothers. Are raised to be loyal to their oldest sister. He uses his power to further the agenda of the future matriarch. Although they often have a family of their own, their children are not considered part of the main family and will be settled with a seizable fund to get them started.

Branch Families

Sisters of the matriarch form branch families. These families serve the Weaver family. In return they are given positions within the weaver family buisness empire. Some of these families are still tightly connected to the Weavers, while others have managed to put some distance between them. A branch family he oversteps their bounds and becomes too greedy is wiped by the Weavers.   The two most powerful branch families are the Ballah and the Mitchell family. This branch family is still tightly connected to the Weaver family but they have their own source of power and are located in Liberia. There they autonomously oversee the assets and buisnesses of the Weaver family and their own. The Mitchell's are connected to the Weaver family through a distant ancestor. They hold top positions within most of the major companies the Weaver family owns.  

The Empire

The families assets are a large network of companies they either own or have shares in. The main family is never involved in running these companies. The profits of these buisnesses are used to support the lavish lifestyle of the main family and to fund their need for human sacrifices.   In order to gain access to human sacrifices the family is involved in a number of philantropic endeavours for orphans, homeless, victims of abuse and human trafficking and addicts. These outcasts are drawn in with promises of support and are rarely missed when some of them disappear. If they are the family has several oversees locations where they claim to have sent the victims to find a new and better life. The victims are always first fully isolated from any social contancts if they are not already.


This is the source of power of the family. They have a standing deal with the demonic Lord Onath Their deal is tightly connected to the Ring of Fortune.   Each family member summons a Demonic Familiar once they turn sixteen. This familiar empowers their witchcraft and supports them in many other ways.
Yalonda Weaver
Jeneice Weaver
Teyla Orairo
Branch Families
Loyal Employees
Family Leader


$2.4 billion
Weaver Tower
Representational Ritualism
Blood Spells

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Jan 9, 2021 16:07 by Angantyr

A good and creepy piece. :] Cute how men from the Weaves family don't know the source of power. I assume that with the Veil down, they could see the demons and familiars themselves?   Do you think they or the branch families would be involved in sustained support of human sacrifices, as in Promised Neverland?

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Thank you! Def needs some more work. Not too sure about the men knowing about what is really going on. I think there are other ways to hide this stuff. After all they would have to hide from the Hunter's Guild and other organizations even with the Veil up. But yeah they have been active for many generations so they must have done something right.

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The Weaver family scare me. I assume that quite often elder sisters are murdered by younger sisters seeking power? I also like the note that one of the men of the family is breeding adze.   There's a few typos with the word 'daughter' scattered about. :)