Ring of Fortune

Weaver Family Engagement Ring

This engagement ring has bin in the Weaver family for six generations. It signifies the heiress to the family matriarch. Beyond this function, the ring carries a powerful enchantment, bestowing good fortune to its wearer. Additionally, demonic binding rituals cast while wearing this ring are considerably stronger. This ensures that the heiress will outperform any other witches within the family.

Creation Process

The ring itself was made with 18 karats of white gold and settings for a total of 29 diamonds. Each diamond was imbued with the demonic power of the Demon Lord Onath. For each diamond a human was sacrifieced as a gift to the lord. These sacrificies were spread out over 29 days and each day one of the diamonds was set into the ring. On the last day of the ritual it is said that Dakala Weaver sacrifieced her own mothers live to entrap her powers into the ring as well. This ring ensures the strong bond between the family and Onath.

Engagement Ceremony

One day before the eighteenth birthday of the bride to be, the future husband is handed the ring. He follows strict protocol on her birthday to ensure that the engagement becomes a spectacle. The ritual goes on for three days. On the first day, the future bride summons her second demonic familiar. On the second day, the future husband is bound to the bride by a powerful binding spell, which ensures love and loyalty. On the third day, the demon lord Onath is summoned who then renews the powers of the ring. Each day one human soul is sacrificed.   This ritual ensures the continued prosperity of the family through the blessing of the demon lord. It is a necessity as well, to prevent the wrath of the demon lord to destroy the family.
Weaver Family
Current Wearer
Jeneice Weaver
Dakala Weaver
Estimated Value
1.5 cm
18kt White Gold
Gemstone 1
Diamond (Quantity: 1, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Brilliant, Color Grade: L, Clarity: I1, Weight: 4.26 carats)
Gemstone 2
Diamond (Quantity: 14, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Brilliant, Color Grade: J-K, Clarity: VS1-VS2, Weight: 0.77 ct. t.w.)
Gemstone 3
Diamond (Quantity: 14, Shape & Cutting Style: Round Brilliant, Color Grade: J-K, Clarity: VS1-VS2, Weight: 0.42 ct. t.w.)


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Jan 3, 2021 01:24 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Oh. *shivers* What an absolutely terrifying piece of jewellery.

Feb 21, 2021 12:19 by Angantyr

I have to admit two things came to my mind: 1) Why 27 offerings and not 29 (14+14+1)? 2) The vibe of the family demon offering around marriage ceremony is similar to "Ready or Not" 2019 movie. :D

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Feb 21, 2021 13:27

I ... , well its 29 now. Glad it reminds of something like that ;)

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