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Answers to this prompt

Enchanted Lip Ring

by tjtrewin

Battle Crown of Necros

by hcraven

The Crown of Thaur

by Naelin

The Royal Protector's pearls

by AmélieIS

Signet Ring of House Haldi

by Lethann

The Rain Jewel

by Kaleidechse

The Lost Crown of Calistrah

by Kaari13

Alchnos't 's sapphire

by Gege16


by RiverFang

Ring of Fortune

by SoulLink

Magnus's Jewels

by Lyraine Alei

The Torq of Saint Arkadiusz

by Brinsmead

Crown of Thorns

by David_Ulph

The Cursed Triad

by Eallixy

The Solar Crown

by Gege16

Lugian Crown Jewels

by KajetanWrites

The Sky Chains

by Michael Chandra

Hardsilver Crown

by Frogdrake

The Ring of Val

by Adcheryl

The Archmage's Stone

by Rashkavar

Dollhouse Diamond

by vtijms

Elina's Necklace

by SilikG

Eye Piece

by hughpierre

Plastic Tubes

by Tuisku

The Blood Jewel of the North

by Leigh Janzen

The Prayer Beads of the all Fa...

by DwarfL0rd

The Queen's Heart

by DapperCapricorn


by TheSolitaryGamer

Sovereign Illrina's Eagle Neck...

by Urania


by Jacob-W

The Eye of Ciaran

by Moondare

The Moonpool's Flame

by amelianite

A Csontkorona / The Bonecrown

by Fingolfin

Artifacts and Jewelry

by geoflame1

Aurelian Star

by Packet_Lozz

Brain of Lightning


Brooch of Sieglinde

by UmbraScribbles

Crown Jewels of the United Kin...

by nearlyoctagonal

Crown of Servan

by Lord Varen

Crown of the Spider Queen

by NorthWhiteWolf

Crusader Information Gear

by Spinomite

Cursed Emerald Ring of Fate

by Lady Grayish

Eleonian Crown

by Vibeca

Enfindiel's Diadem

by RPGDinosaurBob

Helen's Necklace

by Wordigirl

Kufra's Chain

by Mikesoup

Las Joyas Imperiales

by Penlo

Links of Oromir

by gmrolph

Necklaces' of Magic

by Thomas Atkinson

Protectorate Insignia

by Anpumes

ral gentad senni dol grepso /r...

by Lillithwolf

Red Diamond Necklace

by EndKnight

Ruling Queen's Crown

by DMMyali

Singing Anklet

by Corvo Branco

Sobel de sangre

by LaPifia

Tear of Mageshi

by Mekel Lane

The Agresath Crown

by S.P. Jayaraj

The Alpine Star

by Monkos

The Crown of Fangs

by wolfoflight2003

The Crystal Hymn

by Jude Wriley

The First Pearl

by DwarfL0rd

The Heartstring Lariat

by pineapple_juice

The Home Gem

by PhannyPhorge

the kevera rings


The Lapis Lion

by Hosios-DynTheCreator

The Mother’s Crown

by StarryGal06

The Petrified Tendril

by Siegeworks

The Poet's Eye - prose

by LauraVAB

The Queen's Wedding Bands

by kdgillespie14

The Ring Of The Damned

by Sunflame

The Sea King's Treasure

by SongOfErin

The Silver Crown

by Peaches2003

The Soul Of The Sea

by Hosios-DynTheCreator

The Talisman of the Court Mage

by Newrome

The Twin Bands of Gwillith

by Ian Eiriksson

The Viper's Eye

by Shell Mel

The Water Weird Crystals

by Peebsius

The Winged Heart

by BasicDragon

Troskapets Juveler

by xtremepsy


by Alresu

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