Demonic Familiar

Any witch should always have a familiar. They can help us control our powers, strengthen them. They give us strength and comfort. In our family, this familiar is sent with blessings by Lord Onath. These are much more powerful than ordinary familiars. And we can have more than just one!
A demonic familiar is a demon summoned from another dimension to serve the summoner for the rest of their lives. The summoner and summoned demon create a pact that is beneficial to both of them. The summoner usually gets stronger spells, an advisor with much magical knowledge, and a guide on their journey. The summoned demon gets a piece of the summoners soul for themselves and a promise of many more souls of killed humans.   Due to their nature, demonic familiars are much more powerful than ordinary familiars chosen by most witches and other magic users. The big downside is that this demon is only interested in helping you as long as it is in their best interest. The advice given is likely going to lead to chaos and death.   This is why for most magic users, demonic familiars are considered Dark Magic. This means that it is not acceptable to use them. The Hunter's Guild has an open bounty on any killed demonic familiars and captured summoners. Though they do not mind if the summoner turns up dead as well.   For this reason, demonic familiars usually take on the appearance of an earth animal and stay in that form most of the time. Only in rare occasions when they need to use their full powers or have been identified anyway will they reveal their true form. What earth animal they mimic comes down to their preference and what animal they are aware of.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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