Dark Magic

A classification that can be applied to spells, alchemy recepies, innate powers, mystical rituals or entire magical traditions. It is often used to suppress or criminalize the use of a specific type of magic. There are a few types of magic which are more often classified as dark magic.  


A powerful tool of propaganda many factions have used to suppress or criminalize magic practices. It was often used against foreign and exotic practices to ensure that local practices would continue to dominate.   Witch hunters and other anti-magic factions would usally consider all magic as Dark Magic. Over time this tradition was changed as the understanding of magic and its use deepened. It is still used by them to prevent powerful or dangerous magic from being used.

Control & Marginalization

Often minority spellcaster, alchemy traditions are being suppressed, outlawed by calling them Dark Magic.   An important example is Voodoo. Which was demonized by European practicioners and organizations since the time of colonization. This has made it easier to outlaw any practices related to Voodoo, making it hard for Voodoo practicioners to use their powers.

Embracing the Darkness

Throughout history many practitioners or organizations have used dark magic to their advantage. Just the mention of dark magic could strike fear into their opponents or rivals, giving them an edge in combat.   In some cases this reputation was used to protect themselves and keep any enemies at bay in others to control populations with fear.

Laws & Regulations

Human laws since 2016. Widely vary depending on culture, region and major lobbies.Often the definitions of what is outlawed is not clearly defined and instead just build on common use of the terms.   Some countries have much stricter laws than others. In some countries the use of magic is restricted to people with specific professions or affiliations.   Non-governmental organizations which are dedicated to control the use of magic may classify all magic as Dark Magic. Others just outlaw some sinister practices.
Alternative Names
Black Magic
Forbidden Magic / Arts
Demonic Magic
Evil Magic
Common Magic Schools and Traditions
Common Components
Living Sacrifices
Life force
Innate powers
Common Effects
Control / Affect Human Behaviour / Mind
Drain / Absorb Life / Power
Poison / Diseases

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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