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Answers to this prompt


by Tillerz

The Gatekeepers

by tjtrewin

The Underfolk

by Naelin

The Black Sunset Syndicate

by Lethann

Rosewood Kingdom

by Michael Chandra

Butternut Bandits

by RiverFang

Weaver Family

by SoulLink

Alcan Mafia

by David_Ulph

The Order

by Eallixy

The Cult of the Lord

by eccbooks

The Dark Army

by Gege16

White Cloaks

by Lyraine Alei

The Cannibals of Grundge

by DwarfL0rd

The Drakon

by Rashkavar

Children of Zumbi

by CassandraSojourn

Clan Scire

by Frogdrake

Drug Branch of the So Family

by Kaleidechse

Emerald Hand

by Newrome

The Clock

by MoonBro

The Songbirds

by voltye

Heirs of Eridan

by Sayshara


by hughpierre

The Cult of the Journeyman

by JHB1993

The Mephistopheles

by TheSolitaryGamer

Disciples of Tolva

by kingyak

El Pat├ętico

by Jacob-W

Merry Men of Sherwood

by RogueOfSpoons

The Alliance of Assassins

by Gapsule, Ruler of Flying Battery

The Brotherhood of Shadow

by SilikG

The Scarlet Heart

by amelianite

The Umbral Cabal

by Sunflame

Clobberwrench Family

by Tonarus

Coalition of the Ascended

by BrandedTales

Gray Ravens

by Urania

The Midnight Exchange

by Shaaman

The Songbirds

by Laurabones

'Cannibal Troll Cultists'

by NorthWhiteWolf


by Racussa

Bund der drei Dornen

by Stampi


by Tris


by SyntaxChick

Friends of Black Vikar

by Jordo_707

Glass Arms

by jaredmcdaris

Gray Angels

by kitoypoy

Hand Herdians

by Alresu


by FireFletch


by PapaRocks

Kematian Mamba's

by Salamander1515

Konsto's Troupe

by frotierkilla

Las Manos de Furh

by R3gulinchi

Les Petits Arbustes

by xtremepsy

Network of Shadows

by TheGodOfCinder666

Not an Actor's Guild

by Lady Grayish


by Apocalypsian

Shadow Syndicate

by geoflame1

Smiling Fallen of Luder

by Corvo Branco

Szopry Lasu

by SlavBear

The Banemongers

by Moondare

The Black Market

by Anpumes

The Cenata

by Monkos

The Court of Shadows

by CPerkett

The Cult of the Shadowed Ones

by Mathundril

The Dark Pyromancers

by Snowdon Boy

The Dark Wulf Order

by SpectreRedfox

The Dead End Guild

by Sog

The Deckmasters

by R. R. LoreCastle

The Doom Bringers

by Pookas Kreations

The Fire Brigand

by LauraVAB

The Fishers

by altaos

The Gilded Circle

by TheCavemanMan

The Gloaming Market

by kdgillespie14

The Hallowed Pirates

by EmilyArmstrong

The House of D'Miir Zala

by Salroka

The Montchagnon Family of Endm...

by RPGDinosaurBob

The Obsidian District

by NobleArchitect

The Order of Shudder

by BasicDragon

The Radwae Inn

by intellyless

The Rat Court

by intuitiondog

The Red Brigade

by HeroesofHoweSound

The Red Silk Thread

by ReforgedLogic

The Shekekar

by vtijms

The Shim Tal Crime Family, Miv...

by TNTAuthorMan

The Silent Serpents

by Dr_Hoot

The Sunless Council

by AlphaHero023

The Takad Syndicate

by Dragon_Eater

The Twilight Syndicate

by Tsunderella

the warriors of Khraaknuk.

by hiro01

The White Knuckle Trading Co.

by melpaisley

toe tiox croquinc ce /╦łtoe tio...

by Lillithwolf


by DMMyali

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