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The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers are a notorious gang that run the small streets of a town called Gate in Woldshire. They see themselves as guardians, protecting the town from riftbeasts and bandits, but in reality they are nothing but a group of oversized bullies who want to keep complete control of everyone entering and leaving the town. They sometimes refer to themselves as The Guardians of Gate   The group is well known for their iconic yellow flag which is also worn as a bright patch on their sleeve. This makes them easily identifiable, and they only collaborate with those who trade beneath their colours.   The gang has made it difficult for traders to travel from Bradstowe along Beckminster Road without sacrificing many of their profits en-route in bribes to let them through the town. The only alternative trade routes in that direction are either off-road or by sea, and are considerably longer and more dangerous.  
County of Woldshire
  The Gatekeepers have a lookout camp situated atop Gate Hill (from which the town was named after) which gives them a great view east towards Langleigh and west towards Bradstowe. They can also keep an eye on travel up and down the River Horrick, and on a clear day you can see the Bay of Bradstowe in the distance.   The majority of riftbeast threats to Gate approach from the Woods of Woldhurst in the south, often in the dead of night or under the cover of thick sea fog.
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Guardians of Gate
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24 Dec, 2020 14:09

I like that there is a difference between how they see themselves and what they actually are. I guess not many people see themselves as villains. XD

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
30 Dec, 2020 02:43

Do they 'regulate' trade along the river as well? Or is the river among those trade routes that you mentioned are considerably more dangerous?

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