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Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Symbol & Colour Associations

As an island dwelling people, waves are a common motif in Orlendian culture that feature in both the architectural details of their undulating saw-toothed rooves to the subtle stitching of their fashion.
The compass rose symbol is a popular tattoo among Orlendian seafaring folk and holds the ideal of "never being lost at sea". It's also a common gift that passes the meaning of "stay true to your path".
Crows are a common sight across The Isles of Orlend and they are admired for their survival skills and intelligence. Many Orlendians wear a crow feather, skull, or foot as a lucky charm to grant them the same insights for surviving out in the wild. Feathers are sometimes worn tied into the hair or clothing, or worn as a pendant. Folks of a wealthier Social Classes prefer crafted jewelry rather than natural elements.
Ever since The Rupture, the empty triangle has become a widely known symbol for the Rifts (even though not all of them are triangular in shape). There are mixed feelings about this symbol as not all Orlendians have embraced the changes that the apocalypse has introduced. Some see the triangle as a symbol of a brighter future, others see it as a sign of danger.

Bright aqua denotes Glow-Jelly, the bioluminescent source of many light based technologies (known as Glowtech) in Melior. It's the colour of many lamps, lanterns, and even some fancy jewelry!
Blue carries many connotations for Olendian folk: it's the colour of the vast Monillic Ocean and is also the colour of their alliance under The Jolundrian Empire.
Green is a colour that many foriegn folks associate with Orlend (along with their grey skies) as the Isles are lush with temperate woodland. Natively, green is colour associated with trust. The deeper the tone, the greater the trust.
Black is a colour associated with formality among folks in Orlend and it subsequently is also associated with both wedding ceremonies and funerals.
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