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Wreck of The Goliath

The rusting wreckage of a ship that lost its course during the apocalyptic events of The Rupture.

The rusting remains of The Goliath steam ship leave a harrowing reminder of the widespread events of The Rupture. During the apocalypse the Long Beacon lighthouse was severely damaged, causing the light to go out.   In torrential rain during the dark of night and with no beacon to guide them safely through the sandbanks of the Bay of Bradstowe, The Goliath collided head on with the cliffs. A local fisherman from Weston raised the alarm and gathered a team of rescuers to help the crew but they had to wait for the dangerous high tide to retreat before approaching the ship.   There were no survivors.  


The Goliath was a large steam ship that was used for transporting large cargo from The Isles of Orlend across to the mainland of Arklend. It was manufactured in Dunstol shipyard and launched just twenty years before the events of The Rupture.   The remains have been picked clean of all valuables and recoverable goods, but beach combers still find washed up trinkets from the old crew and cargo to this day. Common finds are: buttons, jewelry, shoes, pocket knives, coins, and bones. Shards of metal and barrel hoops can often be found on the beaches near Weston.  
County of Woldshire
  The wreckage can be seen by all vessels entering the Bay of Bradstowe and is within walking distane from the town of Weston.
SS (Steam Ship)
Owning Organization
Organization | Apr 5, 2023


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Dec 23, 2020 01:48 by J. Thorne

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