Woods of Woldhurst

The Woods of Woldhurst and the surrounding area is considered to be an area of outstaning natural beauty in the county of Woldshire in The Isles of Orlend.   The woods encompass all but the southern side of Brassknocker, the tallest peak in Orlend and is home to stunning vistas and unique geological formations such as the famous Chepford Gorge and Rook’s Hole Caves.  


The woods are home to a variety of species of tall, ancient trees that paint transform the area into an artist's impressionist landscape every autumn with a mix of brown, gold, and red leaves.   The woodland floor is full of ferns, and blankets of thick moss cover cold damp areas where the sun can barely reach. In the depths of Chepford Gorge there's a lot of moss, and in the winter months some areas never thaw out from the frost due to the steep sides casting permanent shadows.   The woods are a great place for foraging mushrooms, herbs, and wild garlic.


The woods are filled with a symphony of birdsongs from dawn until dusk, and sharp shrill shrieks of predatory hunters pierce the silence of the night sky.   Woodland deer graze the foliage, and you'll often see evidence of rabbits, foxes, badger dens and even a few grass snakes.   The woods were once a much safer place to trek through, but since the invasion of Magic-using riftbeasts during The Rupture over fifty years ago, many dangerous creatures now roam the forest.   It's best to stay armed, alert, and in close numbers. The Beast of Brassknocker has been sighted in this area.
You can always tell where you are in the woods because the moss will only grow on one side of the trees.
How can such a noisy place feel somehow so peaceful?
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29 Dec, 2020 01:11

I love the sound of this place. I like the detail of moss only growing on one side of the trees, and also some areas of shadow never thawing out in the winter. Also, grass snakes!

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