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Rook’s Hole Caves

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  Rook’s Hole is a large cave system in Woldshire, Orlend. The entrance to the caves is situated in the deep crevasse of Chepford Gorge and run deep beneath Brassknocker (the highest peak in The Isles of Orlend).  

Natural Hazards

The caves hold many natural hazards that make it near-impossible to fully explore (and make it back out alive again). The terrain is uneven and slippery underfoot and it's easy to misjudge the height of the cave in several places (especially with the large stalactites that descend from the roof of the cave). It gets pitch black at the first turn into the cave and you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face.   Deeper into the caves there are treacherous pitfalls, acid pools, and noxious gasses that prevent many explorers from returning to the surface. No one has fully mapped out the cave system to this day.  

The Beast of Brassknocker

Ever since The Rupture unleashed horrors upon the world, Brassknocker has become a deadly place to hike. Sightings of The Beast of Brassknocker were first recorded on Mornday, 8th of Snowturn 516 3A. Wildlife populations in the area of Chepford Gorge have been severely depleted, and many local townsfolk have gone missing.  


County of Woldshire


The caves hold a lot of history, but you'll have likely heard of the famous ancient Orlendian folklore of The Witch of Rook's Hole - thousands of years ago there was a witch who inhabited the caves and used the natural pools to brew foul potions. She would commune with beasts and lure them into the caves for dinner. She once struck a bargain with an evil prince who wanted to claim the crown before his brother did, so the witch used her magics to create him an enchanted poppet that he could use to harm his brother and manipulate him into an early grave.
Alternative Name(s)
Rookshole, Wooksol
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Ooo so many mysteries! The caves sound really dangerous, though, so I guess it might be some time before they ever get fully mapped out. I'm really curious as to what the beast could be.

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So now I have to know how Rook's Hole got its name. Because I'm weird and my mind latches on to little details like that.   Or maybe it's just this AC Syndicate rabbit hole I'm waaay down. ^^   Either way, Inquiring Minds, etc, etc....!

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