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A uniquely crafted effigy used for sympathetic magical practises.

Poppets are an unusual practise of magic and medicine - the use of them has become illegal in many countries of Melior due to the origin of their use being used for malicious and manipulative purposes, but some regions allow the use of poppets for physical therapy and medicinal practises.  


The function of a poppet relies on the connection to its target and level of correspondence. An effigy is always uniquely crafted to the individual and uses materials, textures, and colours that resonate with them as a person.   Magic used upon an effigy is more effective with a stronger connection and understanding of the person it imitates, so frequently the poppet is constructed using personal items such as scraps of worn clothes, or even extracts of the body (commonly, a lock of hair).  

Malicious Practises

The use of poppets originated in geurilla warfare shortly after The Rupture around fifty years ago. Effigies were made of political leaders and military officials and were manipulated and tortured through the poppets.
Chancay Dolls by Gift of Malee Chompoo
  As awareness grew of the effigies it became a practise of revenge among common folk who had been wronged, and crude poppets were constructed out of straw, rags, and old buttons for eyes. As they had no skill, many folks used the poppets without magic and performed bizarre hate-fuelled rituals upon them.  

Poppet Resurgance

The use of poppets died out with new laws banning their use but with new medicines and magical practises being researched, poppets are making a comeback. Regulations on use and thorough education on ethical practises are being introduced so that poppets can be used for healing and physical therapy with consenting patients.   Doctors and physicians are able to work in cooperation with patients and use poppets with a strong connection to aid them in their healing and physical rehabilitation - allowing for miraculous recoveries and non-invasive corrective procedures.   Doctors are now experimenting with poppet limbs for healing in a specific area of the body, where a lifelike effigy is made of the patient's appendage rather than their entire body. Poppet limbs are often larger in scale than the miniature bodies, and can even be life-sized.
Figure from a Crèche: Standing Man by Gift of the Womens Council of the Cleveland Museum of Art
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Cover image: Figure from a Crèche: Attendant of the Magi by Gift of the Womens Council of the Cleveland Museum of Art


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