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Clan Scire

One of the sailing clans, Scire is the most notorious Eterti clan in the Eastern Archipelago. The Scire have abandoned their old home and turned nomad to better strike against the Condominium. Believed to be a few hundred strong, the Scire are scattered across the archipelago but united in purpose. A few of the Scire maintain Heras Tut, while other Scire live incognito in other settlements. Most spend their time at sea, sailing the archipelago as pirates in vessels of their own make, as well as a captured Runberi warship formerly known as Aintisar but now known as Nerinai's Revenge.   Hardline Eterti, the Scire have vowed to trade only steel and fire with the Runberi. Even those not in the pirate fleet itself will refuse to do business with any Runberi, and will also avoid doing business with the Kilthians. Experienced and committed, the Scire have mastered taking on larger ships with daring boarding actions. Brutal to their targets, especially if they are Condominium, the victims of the Scire can count themselves fortunate if they are allowed to swim free to a nearby skerry from the wreckage of their ship. Depending on their resources at the time, the Scire will either sail off with captured ships or simply toss the crew overboard and set the vessel adrift.   More of an ideological project than most clans, the Scire are known to have an unusually autocratic leadership model for the Tescarana, with the chieftain Teucer¬†acting more like a foreign sea captain than a typical Tescarana chief. However, the Scire have also been known to admit strangers into the clan if they are willing to fight the Runberi with the same fervor as they.


Originally an archipelagan clan much as any other, the Scire were always adept sailors and a well-traveled people. Traders and fishermen, the Scire took on long voyages throughout the archipelago, serving as middlemen for other clans. Their own territories had nothing in extraordinary quantity or quality, so they grew their wealth by commerce.   The catalyst for Scire's transformation into a pirate clan was no single event, but a gradual squeeze. As the Condominium spread its influence across the archipelago, it monopolized the produce of many clans. Those clans suddenly had no business to offer the Scire who found their cargoes empty and their place among the clans threatened. First setting out on pirate expeditions from their home island, the Scire began to trade in the cargoes of Runberi ships. Such activity did not escape the notice of the Red Sails, but for a time, they did not know who the Scire were and where they hailed from.   Tinia's Wrath saw the battle-lines drawn clearly across the isles, and many more clans renounced the Runberi as trading partners. The Red Sails responded brutally, and the Scire saw that their home was not safe anymore. When the Runberi came for them, the village was abandoned, the Scire sailing off with whatever could fit on a boat.   Since then, the Scire have only grown more militant, and have founded the third Heras Tut. On occasion, the Scire fleet will come to a town to trade for supplies, but they rarely stay long for they know that the Condominium is always on their tail.
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