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The Brotherhood of Shadow

Antina, while a small-to-middling sized town, is large enough to have its own dark side. The Brotherhood of Shadow controls most of this seedy side of the town.   The Brotherhood has a few different ways that they participate in Antina's underworld.  

Brotherhood Branches

The Brotherhood is broken into a few branches:

Leadership (The Void)


The Void Head

The head of the Brotherhood, his decisions are final.   The person in this position is secret, only known to the others within The Void.  

The Void Hand

Second in command of the Brotherhood, handles many of the day-to-day questions and can only be overridden by the Head.   The person in this position is secret, only known to the others within The Void.  

The Void Tendrils

A group of five in the Brotherhood. Membership in this group is known to all members of the Brotherhood, with any of the Tendrils capable of giving orders to any Stalker, Trafficker, or Trunch. At any time, one of the five will work with the Stalkers, one with the Traffickers, and one with the Trunch, but this relationship changes frequently and shuffles between all five Tendrils.   The Head and the Hand are both Tendrils. When a new Tendril is needed to keep the count to five, the group will collectively select and recruit a new member from the members of the Brotherhood. If the person being replace was the Head or the Hand, the new group of Tendrils will collectively select a new Head or Hand from within the group.  

Gambling (The Stalkers)

The Brotherhood controls all gambling in Antina. While magic can affect games (of chance or skill), magic potential on both sides of a question keep gambling a viable passtime.   The Stalkers answer to the Void and have their own internal leadership structure. Within the Stalkers there are two separate groups: the number crunchers and the salesmen. Each of these groups is independent, with all interaction between the two coming through the Stalker leadership.   The number crunchers keep track of events, calculate odds, and may attempt to affect the outcomes that are being wagered on.   The salesmen collect wagers and payoffs, using the direction given through the Stalker leadership.  

Illicit Goods (The Traffickers)

The Traffickers oversee illicit goods within Antina. This group is split into silos for each type of good being traded: one group for weapons, one for drugs, one for contraband technology, and so on.   Of these groups, each group then has their own leadership that works out deals and plans, while the lower manual labor group handles the physical buying and selling of these goods.   All of the groups are under the leadership of the heads of the Traffickers whom find synergies between the goods and have them work together when appropriate.  

Enforcement + Protection (The Trunch)

The Trunch is the biggest group of the Brotherhood, manual laborers that are called on whenever physical enforcement is required. Any of the other groups can call on the Trunch directly as needed.   When not doing the bidding of the other branches of the Brotherhood, the Trunch offer their protection services to Antina businesses. Or convince businesses that protection would be in their best interest.


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This is a wonderfully organized mob with the perfect amount of mystery. I love how nobody knows who the Head and the Hand are. It makes it a lot more difficult to cut off the head of the organization if you don't know who he is and never will.

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