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The Nation of Tiveley was founded as an offshoot of Emswort, as its people wanted to distance themselves from the scientific thought that co-mingled with magical thought at the time.  


Moving further south of the equator, they dealt with moderately colder winters and longer summer days and winter nights. A combination of preference for indoor work and minimal of physical labor led to a people that tends to be paler and less fit looking than the average person.  

Health and Lifespan

While less fit than average, this doesn't affect a Tivelean's health or lifespan. As most health problems tend to be managable or fixable due to magic, and many potential problems seldom or never occur because of magic, the connection between various aspects of health and the physical body are less pronounced than biology and logic may dictate. With a strong focus on magic, the Tivelean connection is even more tenuous.  


The Nation of Tiveley is well known for their specialization in magic. While all people of Poneren can perform magic, Tiveley's history led to a deeper affinity for that knowledge. More new magical spells and artifacts have come from Tiveley and its newest products are the most sought after.


Beauty Ideals

Thin and pale are the beauty ideals for both male and female Tiveleans.
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