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The Order of Shudder

Actions have consequences.
  The Order of Shudder used to be a small order focusing on hunting and killing supernatural beings loitering around outside of their village.  


The Order of Shudder used to hunt supernatural beings around the outskirts of their small village, however, when their village was starving because of a drought, their best hunters set out to steal from a Dragons hoard they had come across while hunting.   They stole a couple of jewels, books and other things from that hoard. They only took enough so that the dragon wouldn't notice when it returned to its hoard. They sold the items to unsuspecting merchants that traveled past their small village and managed to purchase food for the village from other merchants. They survived that season.   The next year their fields and hunts gave great yield.   Their best hunters found another hoard. They skimmed a little jewelry and books from this hoard as well. Just in case of another future draught.   They kept skimming dragon hoards for several years.   In 908 RO they skimmed jewelry from a dragon hoard, and one of them took a lovely looking necklace. Instead of trading it to a merchant as they had always done, he gave this necklace to his sweetheart. She loved the gift.   A couple of days later the woman was found dead in their bed. The hunter was accused of her murder and excommunicated from the Order. But this had brought a schism to the village. Her family wanted him dead. His family didn't think that he had killed her. A couple of his friends thought that her guy-on-the-side had killed her and was framing their friend. All of them moved away to different villages, and the Order was disbanded.    


The story of this Order has spread across the world through word of mouth, and it has even been written down as stories by a couple of scribes with the moral that actions have consequences.

370 RO - 909 RO



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