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The Winged Heart

If it's cursed...why is it just displayed like this? Anyone could just...take it.
August to Zamarca
  This necklace is currently displayed in The Korda Alliance HQ.  


There is no written record of this necklace's whereabouts before it was looted from an Unknown Dragon's hoard in 908 RO by The Order of Shudder.   One of the hunters who looted the hoard gave the necklace to his sweetheart. He found her dead in their bed a couple of days later. She had been choked to death. People argued over what had happened to the girl. The hunter got banished from the village and the girl's family kept the necklace she had been wearing. Her brother kept it in a jewelry box together with a couple of her other pieces of jewelry.   The village dissolved, and the families moved away to other villages. The brother and his family moved to Korda. The brother had to sell his sister's jewelry box and its contents to be able to afford somewhere to live for his aging family.   In 1002 RO a young man saw the necklace when he visited a jewelry store. He bought the necklace with forged money and gave it to his partner. The partner was found dead a couple of days later. Choked to death with the necklace laying on the bedtable next to the bed. The young man was accused and convicted of the murder. He was also convicted for the Korin forgeries that he and his partner had been making.   It took until 1018 RO for a Guard to see the connection between the necklace and the rampant choking murders that had happened during several years in the growing city of Korda.   They examined the necklace and it was concluded that the necklace was cursed, but it is still to this day unknown by who and for what purpose.  


A small pedestal stands, with a soft velvet pillow, in the room for visitors of The Korda Alliance HG. On the velvet pillow sits the Winged Heart Necklace to remind all visitors that actions have consequences, and sometimes that means that others have to pay for your actions.  


There are several newspaper articles about this necklace and a couple of fiction books with the necklace as a major plot point.
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Jewelry / Valuable
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