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Do you accept Korin coins?
— A mysterious traveler to an innkeeper in Ikimor
  Korin is the official currency in the city of Korda which is the only city in the world of Idyll. Korin is thus the most common currency in the world.   The currency is also used in several of the villages in the area of the Valley of The Sun.  


The coins were first created by The Windstand House for use in their religion. However, when The Korda Alliance was formed a currency was needed that the Houses and Orders could use to trade amongst each other. They choose to use the coins created by the Windstand House. Before they were made on an anvil and had only a symbol on them but when they were turned into a currency they got an insignia one side and a sum on the other.   The Koring House is currently the ones who produce the coins used as the official currency.  


There are 5 types of insignia on the coins. The insignias of The Koring House, The Windstand House, The Winddawn House, The Order of Dorekk and The Order of Monsterthorn.   The sums printed on the other side of the coins are 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000. The single-digit coins are made out of silver type metals and their diameter is 2.5cm. The double-digit and above coins are made in different gold type metals and their diameter is 3.0cm. All coins are circles except the 100, 500, and 1000 coins which are hexagons.  


The value of the coins depends on the market or the buyer. But Korin coins are generally accepted in all establishments across The Valley of The Sun. There is no official trade metrics between coins from other villages and the Korin. The value of the coins is usually decided between the two who do the trading.   A day's work in the mills will get you around 100 Korin depending on which House you are a member of. A full meal course in one of the restaurants will cost you around 20-40 Korin. A night at an inn in Korda will cost you around 10-50 Korin depending on both which House or Order you are a member of and in which area of the village that you want to stay. These estimations are different in the different villages around The Valley of the Sun.
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